When will the U.S. start drilling for oil and gas in our country to offset these ridiculous gas prices?

I cant understand why we are so dependent on the arabs and Venezula ,when we have all the resources ourselves.

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  1. Aona Says:

    It is a great business, lol, the corruption comes together the speculation and the vested interests. Many influential people of USA, receive economic benefits from oil companies, therefore no interest to change this reality, because it would be directly affected. Analyze developments in oil prices, what group has the highest and you will understand what I am talking.

  2. Birdy Says:

    We already do drill in Texas and Louisiana and other parts of the U.S.

    If you are talking about drilling the protected areas of Alaska, numerous research has been done that says even if you could get all the oil out, ship it to refineries, and make it into gas–it would only lower gas prices by about 2 cents.

    Plus, you would have to build all the roads, pumps, and pipes to get the oil, not to mention deforestation and pollution from the logging trucks and other vehicles that would be needed.

  3. paul samysudamanisrihariniranjoo Says:

    to get best price say 500dollar per litre


    well may be when oil and gas of other countries(middle east or venezuela) run out and you can sell your own oil for 300 $ or more per barrel and say its so hard to find then US oil companys will start drilling for oil and gas in your own country.

  5. lily Says:

    better get digging on the new cellar and start stocking the underground larder. time to be more self sufficient – use the car less often – have groceries etc delivered thus giving us time to tend to the vegetable patch and feed the livestock…..as the North Sea oil will run out soon and gas quite soon after that.

  6. NOLA Girl in Texas Says:

    I think the real answer is technology. What corporation would encourage technology when they are making so much money on high gas prices? America is so slow to "get it." When others are producing small cars and flex fuel cars we are buying SUVs and giant trucks. As long as Americans were paying cheap prices for gas, they had no desire to purchase cars which delivered good gas millage. We are always too late to realize that our ferocious appetite for oil has gotten us in this mess.

  7. William T Says:

    America already pays less for gas than any other country in the world that isn't a member of OPEC. How much cheaper do you think it should be?

  8. Liz P Says:

    My father is a directional driller in the Texas Panhandle and when gas prices go up they work drilling here more than they normally would. My father drills for both natural gases and petrolium. I think that they would drill more in America if they had more people willing to take jobs in the oil field here. Even though the pay is good it still requires sometimes 18 hour work days, 7 days a week and sometimes when the oifield is booming they could be working like this for 3-4 months at a time. They usually live onsite so they cant just go home to their families every night. It is a job that requires alot of sacrifices. Not many people are willing to work those hours and the conditons are outrageous, they could be outside in the wind and rain or even snow in 10 degree weather or wearing thick layers of fire protecting clothes in 100 degree weather. And the oil price per barrell is the same no matter where you are and no matter where it is coming from.

  9. arch0049 Says:

    Majority of US oil comes from three places… USA, Canada, Mexico.

    Most people do not know that Canada and Mexico make more money selling oil to USA than the Arabs, Russians and Venezuelans.

  10. Senator Says:

    You guys only have a puny fraction of the resources. They're going to be exhausted within a few more decades.

  11. odyssey Says:

    Duh. We already do. And this is why I am floating in the Gulf of Mexico as I type.

    But I bet your real question is this… "When is gas going to be cheap again."

    Suck it up and get used to it. Because the answer is NEVER.

    Here is the cold, hard painful truth folks.

    Oil production peaked worldwide, even in the Middle East, in the 70's. The easy stuff is gone. It takes MILLIONS of dollars to dig new wells these days. Example… the well I am on right now is being dug under a MILE of water. And we will be digging through another 4 MILES of rock under that. And there may not be anything there.

    Sure. We have some more resources in the US. But not for your cheap gas. Because it is no longer possible to get oil out of the ground and to your gas pump cheaply.

    So, rather than ask bitter questions on the internet, I suggest you look at your own behavior… evaluate the type of vehicle you drive, and your own driving patterns. Because gasoline is only going to get more expensive.

    And eventually, we as Americans will, hopefully, realize that petrochemicals are much too valuable to waste by burning in our vehicles to support our selfish lifestyles.

    Wish you all the best.