When will your party address the oil shortage in the US causing gas to be 3.00 and over a gallon?

The US has untapped oil and natural gas both underground and off shore, yet your party blocks any and all efforts for recovery of our own natural resources forcing imported oil and gasoline to be used. We all agree alternative energy needs to be used but thats years if not decades away, The public needs relief now from these outrageous prices, what, if anything does your party plan to do about this?

11 Responses to “When will your party address the oil shortage in the US causing gas to be 3.00 and over a gallon?”

  1. bob Says:

    I don’t think there is much to address. Prices in my area are right around $3 as they have been for the past couple of years. How in the world can you consider $3 "outrageous when it was well over $4 when YOUR party was in charge?

  2. The Rent Is 2 D@mn High! Says:


  3. scottso360 Says:

    obama’s stimulus included billions for alternative energy

  4. JOE Says:

    Since John is now in charge of the house your question is justified, what are they going to do about it?

  5. sklinkaware Says:

    How short memory is. When gas prices approached $3.00 a gallon when the previous President was excoriated and blamed for the rise, now not a word in the press even though during the election he stated that under his plan energy prices would "necessarily skyrocket".


    People assume that gas prices will lower once we start drilling. If gas prices lower because of drilling, it is not because we have found and refined oil, but because of speculation. It can take up to a decade to find a spot for drilling, get the oil out, transport it, and refine it. Even if they think a spot has oil, there’s a good chance it may not.

    Parties can’t do anything about it, because it’s a matter of the market.

  7. 95% will see no tax increase Says:

    obamas unfair drilling ban is still going strong, even though his own team of scientist said it was not needed or fair. did u like the way he laughed at the oil and gas industry, the industry that supplies 92% of this countries energy!!

  8. rwb13 Says:

    i’ve been wondering the same thing for yrs. we had our first oil crisis in 72 and dems. controlled congress then and till 94 yet had no ideas. they did find the time to blame bush for the problem when oil went to $140+ a barrel. it is hypocrisy at it’s best.

  9. Spock (rhp) Says:

    nothing. The Republicans are waiting for the the Democrats to be voted out of office.

    btw, you understate the problem — the US has an energy production shortage. It has been Us energy policy since about the time of Three Mile Island that we shall export those nasty, dirty [but well paying] jobs to foreign countries.

  10. Ou812 The Hated Crakker Says:

    The shortage, if there is one, has to do with reorganization of assets since the Gulf is more or less being closed.
    You can laugh and pick apart my statement above but I follow the oil industry pretty close due to having a couple dollars invested. (more like 30% of my portfolio)

    Currently they are shifting leases, areas and equipment both here, in N. Africa and Russia. The only constant has been the Prudhoe Bay in alaska.

    -they aren’t going to address it the way you want because they want other methods of fuel to prevail. Every analyst on the books right now is projecting $100+ barrels of oil which equates to $5 gas for us.

    The public may need relief but it’s not going to get it. By closing the Gulf Obama has forced them to increase costs by moving. Worse yet due to the coal mine problems and their increased scrutiny it will get even worse.
    You see most power plants are coal fueled and in some cases natural gas fueled.

    This Admin has put intensive pressure on BOTH industries and you and I are in for a Hell of a ride.

  11. Eddie Says:

    Are you serious? The previous administration was filled with people connected to the oil industry and gas prices wen
    t far above 3.00 per gallon.

    "Consumer prices rose last month by the largest amount since June 2009. Gasoline prices accounted for about 80 percent of the increase, the Labor Department said Friday. The gasoline index jumped 8.5 percent in December. Gas prices rose from about $2.86 a gallon on Dec. 1 to $.3.07 at year’s end."


    "The price of oil is at the doorstep; $4-plus per gallon for oil is attributed to two oilmen in the White House and their protectors in the United States Senate." (2008)


    rwb – 140.00 per barrell – two oil men were in the White House