when you go to heaven?

are there laws and government that watches over all the people? housing, water, land owners rights, insurance, theft, cars, pets, malls, sports, music. if heaven is so humanized do you need money?

12 Responses to “when you go to heaven?”

  1. Lucid Freedom Says:

    There are many questions about Heaven I have. I do believe it to be a place of endless warmth and joy with no laws and government as everyone is perfect in Gods kingdom; there would no need to regulate things, buy things, etc. We would all be worshipping the Lord. Gods peace

  2. ‡he unsen‡ Says:

    i hope they have internet.

  3. AnArdRi Says:

    I have been told that it’s place where gum-drops grow on trees and fountains of single-malt whiskey flow from the rocks, and where everyone quivers on the brink of orgasm through all eternity.

  4. Mr. T-Burg Says:

    I think the only laws we will have is God’s laws. But we will most likely obey them since we will love heaven so much.

  5. missingora Says:

    There won’t be any crimes (theft for example) in Heaven. Where did you get your idea of all these earthly things such as malls, insurance, etc? Read the Bible for what Heaven will be like.

  6. Seth N Says:

    the only law is love…

  7. Rhea Says:

    I think the conscience chooses if it wants to go or not. Like ghosts who haven’t found the light, they probably don’t wanna go yet. (I believe in ghosts.)

  8. anonymous user Says:

    if you read Revelation in the bible it tells you everything about heaven, well not everything, but that’s the mystery of it, it’s awesome!

  9. Susan L Says:

    no evil in heaven

  10. Pak Koes Says:

    There is Kingdom of God where people of God "have life, and have it more abundantly" (John X,10).
    But please do not err, Jesus said they live "as the angels of God in heaven" (Matt XXII,29-30) that they neither marry nor are given in marriage, and they don’t need any of worldly thing.

  11. gaucho chizler Says:

    i heard that everybody has a mansion in heaven… what are the property taxes for that?

  12. maguyver727 Says:

    Planet Heaven is a Whole Lot More Spiritual than Planet Earth!

    The Presence and Power of GOD is Very Much More Present too!


    If there is "Little" of GOD’s Presence (Word of GOD) in Man, your agonna’ have to have ALOT of LAW’s to keep’em Straight.

    (the Ten Commandments are The Word of GOD too!)

    If there is "Alot" of GOD’s Presence in Man, then you Don’t Need Very Many Laws.

    Like I said, GOD’s Presence OverWhelms The Planet Heaven.
    You Figure!

    The Streets are Paved with GOLD!

    And, for the Scientist, Gold Conducts Electricity Very Well!