Where can I buy Vaseline Petroleum Jelly in the Philippines?

I’d like to know where I can buy Vaseline Petroleum Jelly in the Philippines. Many say that it can make lashes longer and stronger. Is that claim true, by the way?

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  1. BASH Says:

    No it doesn’t help at all. The only possible way to do this is to have it surgically performed by a licensed cosmetic surgeon. These products however can try to make your eyelashes longer http://www.dermblue.com/tips/tip_2006_12.asp

    And you can buy Vaseline Petroleum Jelly in any drugstore or supermart.

  2. lolit Says:

    consult your aesthetic medicine expert he/she could advice you things regarding this matter . good luck my dear .

  3. Third Says:

    To answer the first question:

    Yes, you can buy Vaseline petroleum jelly in local pharmacy and health & beauty section of department stores in the Philippines.



  5. Ra Ra Razzle!! Says:

    No Vaseline is usually for moisturizing your lips..haha

  6. BCool Express Says:

    I use vaseline petroleum jelly only for chapped lips…

  7. delive_rance Says:

    A question like this makes me wonder if the people we have in the planet is dumb or getting dumber by the seconds. Imagine only Vaseline petroleum jelly you do not know where to find it? Where do you live anyway in a mountain top or in some remote island in the Pacific or with TARZAN in some jungle in Africa? Because Petroleum jelly is a very popular items not only in the Philippiens but through out the world. I think even a 5 year old child will know that petroleum jelly can be bought and sold in a pharmacy or drug store or even in an convenient store like grocery or supermarket.

    BUT TO YOU MY GOODNESS…you practically DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO LOOK? You do not even know its application because you said it canmake lashes longer and stronger? I has nothing to do with lashes but for skin that is overly dry that is the main purpose of petroleum jelly.

    DON’T YOU HAVE ANY FAMILY OR MOTHER OR FATHER OR SISTER OR BROTHER that could some how help you in order to live in this world? Just wondering.

  8. Independant Says:

    Ask ANY Baklat !!!!

  9. xie Says:

    Your mom could have trimmed your lashes when you were still a baby and your lashes would have grown pretty nice.

    You can buy from all leading drugstores and supermarkets. Try Mercury Drugstore and SM / Robinsons.