where can I find the price of oil per gallon?

Where can I find out the price of oil per gallon online?

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  1. Cold Says:

    One mental formula I use:
    You take the current value of crude oil per barrell and you divide it by 30
    This gives you what you can expect to pay at the pump.
    Crude is about 90 a barrell so you pay about $3 at the pump per galon.
    If crude goes up to $150 a gallon – which could easily happen, you’ll pay about $5 a gallon at the pump…

  2. Crimson667 Says:

    Crude oil is measured by barrel, which is the equivalent of 42 US gallons. Then with that info, you can find current oil prices just about at any financial site (and then do the requisite math, of course).

  3. seabreeze951 Says:

    there are numerous stockmarket sites:


    good luck!