where do you get your information concerning oil drilling?

last week the report came out from the federal government that there is approx. 30 billion barrels of oil in anwr.
it also says there is a total of over 100 billion barrels if you include drilling off our coasts.if you don;t think we need it, you must not realize that our economy is energy based. without oil and gas. things will come to a halt.we need it short term, there is no alternative.

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  1. MMA Says:

    You can find a lot of information about oil production in the CIA factbook.

    CIA factbook homepage:

    Choose the country of interest, under economy you can find oil production, consumption, export, import)

    For USA:

    Oil – production:
    8.322 million bbl/day (2005 est.)

    Oil – consumption:
    20.8 million bbl/day (2005 est.)

    Oil – exports:
    1.048 million bbl/day (2004)

    Oil – imports:
    13.15 million bbl/day (2004)
    Oil – proved reserves:

    21.76 billion bbl (1 January 2006 est.)

    Old but best I could find.


    You can also surf this website: