Where does America Purchase its Crude Oil?

Im doing a research paper on Crude Oil and Gas Prices. Please help any good answers on the subject. Besides Saudi Arabia where does America Puchase its Crude Oil?

3 Responses to “Where does America Purchase its Crude Oil?”

  1. That Douchebag [Suspended Twice] Says:

    Iran and Iraq (pretty much anywhere in Middle East) Don’t they get some from Alaska?

  2. Andy R Says:

    Middle east Countries. Venezulela and I think some from alaska.

  3. skeptik Says:

    Over the last five years, the U.S. has imported crude oil from 55 countries, and other petroleum products from about as many more. The two largest suppliers of crude oil to the U.S. are usually Canada and Mexico followed next by Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. Nigeria finishes in fifth place.

    Last year, Saudi Arabia edged out Mexico for the number two spot.

    We also produce about 40% of the oil we use, more than we import from any other single country. Our biggest domestic sources are Federal Offshore, Texas, Alaska, California and Louisiana.