Where does Israel get the petroleum it needs to run its economy?

I was just curious about this one, since I don’t think Israel has diplomatic relations with any of the oil-producing Arab countries.

7 Responses to “Where does Israel get the petroleum it needs to run its economy?”

  1. Stainless Steel Says:

    Most of that stuff comes from Egypt.
    To be more honest son, it is the American hard working tax payer that pays Egypt 3 billion dollars each year so the Jews will get oil for nothing.
    Norway too, the Jewish money is what makes that country one of the richest ones around.
    All other legal doors are closed. In times of crises the Dutch Jew-lobby can buy Iranean oil and ship it to Palestine, I mean israel.

    Steel Crude

  2. Dean Says:

    From other people who aren’t oil producing Arabs, of course. For example, when they withdrew from the Sinai, the US was called on to the rescue.

    Normally, I guess they would have to get it from petroleum companies that aren’t Arab ones or Venezuela or Iran. And yes, they exist.

  3. J Q Public Says:

    Actually they get most of it from Iran and Iraq via Russia.

  4. Buzz Says:

    through neutral brokers

  5. Arilou Says:

    Steel – take a hike.

    Israel buys the oil in international oil markets, from international suppliers.

  6. I'macatholictoo Says:

    Israel gets everything from the USA

  7. Doududsf Aevszx Says:

    get it