Where is this equality other black people are convinced exist the US for black people?

What industries to we own? What services cater to our communities? When slavery ended, we didn’t have any land, therefore we went back to the slave owner and asked for our position back, even though not free labor, might as well of been, very low wages. Then after the cival rights movement, once again no land to integrate into, and when it did happen, we had to pay more then our white counterparts. How are you going to get equality in a place where you don’t have equal foot hold of the resources. Yeah, you can make it, you can do well, but at what cost? You have to move away from your neighborhoods taking your IQ and tax money with you. Then when you make it, you pick somewhere else to live, usually a white neighborhood, because you can’t relate any longer to your roots, therefore raising the price of their neighborhood. Then lets say you make it too upper management, black people are only 3% of upper management and its not from lack of trying, its because it was already there before you even got in the door. Then lets say you want to open up a business in your black neighborhood, black people don’t even by black owned most of time, hence why Asians have the black female hair market.

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  1. OGUN Says:

    I have been asking, if someone has to give you equality are you truly equal? Those who can give equality can surely take it away. Equality can NEVER be achieved in a world where one group of people holds all the power. Equality will come when we as a people create it for ourselves. This means we must create a formidable world for ourselves that will contend globally with the world super powers. As a people we are the second largest group of people worldwide. Why do we not have our lion’s share of the global prosperity reflective of our numbers? First because we do not choose to learn from history. Second because we don’t value the politics of racial identity. Third because our esteemed and revered leaders have led our in the wrong direction.

    Unfortunately this answer will fall on deaf ears and closed minds just like your question will be viewed as coming from an ungrateful agitator. This question and answer is like strong medicine. Many of the people can’t stand the taste but in order to become health one must get passed the bad taste and take it. If I could give you 100 stars I would. 1 will have to suffice..

  2. Know Something Says:

    Oh Xavier. You’re not even bringing anything new to the table. Just complaining about what others have been complaining about for years. Anyone can point out a problem. I hope in your every day life you’re this passionate and active when it comes to actual solutions.

  3. Michael Richards Says:

    Ugh. You know, you have the potential to be fun to argue with, but your long-winded rants make you a bore. By the time I’ve gotten about halfway through your walls of text, I’m already over it.

  4. Samuel Setters Says:

    You are so right when you say inequality exists in America. The black people have the upper hand because our government bends over backwards to make them happy. They are still trying to make up for what the white ancestors did during slavery.

  5. SunnyYaya Says:

    We’ve come a long way but we have a longer way to go and we WILL get there! There will always be obstacles and hindrances but keep heart Xavier, it will happen!

  6. Swagnificent ♪♫™♪♫ Says:

    Agree with Know Something.

    Time to move on pal.

  7. .love-thyself =) Says:

    black have equality in America. they go to school, they can go on to college, they can get good jobs, buy houses, pretty much get rich, they pay taxes they can even become president so shut up. i’m sick of racists ppl on here and you dumb black ppl complaining. stfu

  8. Equal rights for black brotha D. Says:

    And remember, asking for reparations for all those wrongs is having a nonsense mentality that "we’re owed something" !!! HOW DARE US FOR THINKING SUCH A THING?! rolls eyes!

    Beautifully well-written piece by the way. If I were a head of some corporation catering to blacks, you’d be hired as the writer but we know, as a black person, I’ll never make it to such a place in a country like this one!

  9. =) Says:

    dude you have a black president.

  10. Pinky C Says:

    I agree, but you seriously need to learn to invest in some paragraphs.

  11. Arthur Eyetus Says:

    The last "people" in the USA that want EVERYBODY" treated equal are the blacks, would mean the end of so called "Affirmative Action", Quotas, Welfare, Set-asides and the rest of those racist anti-White programs.

  12. $tar Says:

    *sigh* none will ever be satisfied in this country.

  13. Lisa Straighter Says:

    Shut up! And stop whining you black people want the world on a platter without working for it! Sorry you’s your just a ghetto hood rat who suffers froma mental disorder!

  14. ✰Mafalda!..✰ Says:

    I ain’t American and I didn’t know about african american’s situation, I find what you say interesting I don’t know anything about American situation so I learned a bit reading this

    but let me add that it happens in any country were there were slaves and owners, in Latin America there were black slaves too, and amerindian people went and go through the same, since they were all slaves back in history during America’s (the continent) colonization, and in some societies like the Argentinian for example, it is hidden or nobody cares about the amerindians’s situation, about their reintegration to society, the tribes which lost their territories and the government doesn’t even care in giving or not the argentinian citizenship to the most isolated tribes
    more communication is good and not hiding problems

  15. Demonica™² ▌║││█║▌│ Says:

    I can’t make out the title question. I tried 3 times. So I’m going to have to go on the details to answer this.

    Ok I read it, and I get what your saying in the details, but I still don’t know what the initial question is. How can I answer without a question?

  16. fodaddy19 Says:

    As usual, a lot of complaining, but not a single solution was proposed. Pity that.

  17. Arm Diggo Says:

    I know what you mean.
    Yes black people have made strides, Yes black people can get rich, and we can even become president. But there are still HUGE issues blacks have to deal with. We put up with racist cops, the screwed up justice system, and all sorts of attempts to lock us up.