Where should I look for landman classes?

I am an unemployed urban planner with land use, plan review experience. I live in Houston and many people recommend that I take a few landman courses to get my foot in the door. Where should I look for courses? Are all programs the same or are some better than others? If I take a couple of classes, is that enough or should I be working towards a certification? AAPL states I have to be a practicing landman or enrolled in a school related to landman. Any ideas what I should do?

One Response to “Where should I look for landman classes?”

  1. Jim Kugler Says:

    That is a great question and one we get often. Our company offers a Landman Course that will help you and it is only $49. There is no certification needed at all to become a Landman, you just have to find the right opportunity. The AAPL is a great organization but unless you get a job as a Landman, they won’t accept you. The best thing to do is take a course and then just start talking to other Landmen to get you a job. Finding the right opportunity will take some work and you can’t just send out resumes and wait, you have to go out and look. If you are interested in our course, just go to:


    Thanks, Jim