Which candidate will drive the price of oil to $200 per barrel?

We in Iran have severe shortage of money, with oil revenues totalling only 0 billion in the last year. We are very intersted in making more money.

10 Responses to “Which candidate will drive the price of oil to $200 per barrel?”

  1. J 1 Says:

    McCain for sure

  2. AJ Says:

    All of them except Ron Paul.

  3. frend2go Says:

    we don’t want that
    if it got up that high we would not Buy it from Iran
    we would use our oil reserves before it got up that high.
    if you in Iran are poor then get rid of you Evil dictator and have him give you his money.

  4. Jess for RP! Says:

    Senator Obama.

  5. Matt A Says:

    The candidate who doesn’t bring stability to the Middle East.

  6. adddictedtomonsterenergy Says:

    What a stupid question. Honestly if you wer from Iran, you wouldn’t be asking in dollars, ooops!

  7. Sam Says:

    Bush? Wait… he’s term limited…

  8. Nickel Johann Says:


    But it will happen anyway.

    QUESTION: What happens when a country like India (1 billion of citizens) produces a car for less than $3000 and has a growth rate over 8%???
    Hint: proven reserves of oil are not increasing very fast anymore and are almost stalled.

    QUESTION2: What to do then?

    QUESTION3: Since the price will INCREASE ANYWAY TO $200 per barrel in 2020, do you want this to happen for a good reason (clean environment, safety of supply, reduced geostrategic risk) or for bad reasons (disrupted supply, conflicted world, reliance on foreign oil…) ?

  9. buffybond_1 Says:

    Hitlary, after she keeps adding on taxes and making Arabs angrier at us than they already are

  10. Kenny g Says: