Which engineering is better Petroleum or Aerospace?

I am in college at the moment and I’m trying to chose a major. Details are wonderful to help me chose between the two of these. I just want to know from people who would if they enjoy the types of things in each field.

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  1. Apache Indian Says:

    Petroleum Industry pays much more. I have a few friends (just oil/gas technicians/executives) without any university degrees presently working in the Petroleum Industry (e.g. SHELL, ExonMobil, etc) based in Asia with expats and they are earning extremely well not forgetting that petroleum/gas industry pays lucrative bonuses as well :()

    Well, it’s your Life and your choice. If you wish to pursue your future job in either Industries, I seriously suggest you check/make enquiries with the websites/people of such industries in your country, learn about their job criteria, their salary scale/margin, etc and then decide which major you wish to pursue. You choose whatever field-of-study that really interests/benefits you 😉

    Wish you all the best and take care

  2. steve J Says:

    yo pick the aerospace i’s better for ur cuz petrol will be vanished next 50 years

  3. Nash Says:

    In dealing with the diminishing supplies of Petrol and the need to lower green house gas emissions, I would think the great place to be would be engineering alternate fuel systems and conversion processes. Some of the big oil companies and starting to do this. Aerospace may be facinating but I’ll bet there are a lot more folks in that field than there are jobs. I would be looking into alternate energy source engineering.

  4. Slave of Allah Says:

    yes petrol will finish in 50 years then how will the planes and cars run?

    Petroleum is money when you get a good job. It is not just about extracting petrol but a lot to do with production, transportation etc.

    It is good option which your plan to work in petrol rich country of the world.

    But at the end of the day you have to choose which of this suits you best in your life.

  5. rpkban Says:

    There is just nothing better than aerospace….