Which is cheaper? Oil refineries for Iran or nuclear power?

Iran lies upon one of the largest oil deposits in the entire world, correct? They say that they do not have the oil refining capacity to power their nation with oil. So… They decide to take the path of nuclear power.

Is it cheaper for them to research and create nuclear power plants rather than making some oil refineries?

It seems to me that the answer should be obvious that they should make some oil refineries (not to mention vast amounts of natural gas is also recovered during oil drilling), but apparently I’m wrong…

My brain hurts…

2 Responses to “Which is cheaper? Oil refineries for Iran or nuclear power?”

  1. I'm here to help Says:

    Iran has enough oil to last them 1000 years, it is MUCH cheaper for them to continue using their oil.

  2. Andrew Mignoli Says:

    That’s just an excuse so they can make bombs and blow everyone up.