Which is faster at transportation: Rollerblades or skateboards?

Rollerblades can be either quad or inlines.
Also, I mean…not professional rollerblading and skateboards, just regular smooth riding.
For my summer classes, I have to have a natural source of transportation since gas prices are very high now. ): Which one takes less energy too? It’s very hot where I live, so running, jogging, or speedwalking will make me sweat like crazy.

2 Responses to “Which is faster at transportation: Rollerblades or skateboards?”

  1. Fun Skater Says:

    Inlines are much faster than quads or boards. (Rollerblade is only one brand, they made inline skates popular and don’t make quads. Both quads and inlines are roller skates).
    Inlines also win in the energy area also.
    However, bicycles beat all three in both catagories and also in the ability to carry things.

    However, you also have to consider the transition at the end of the trip.
    Bikes need to be locked up somewhere.
    Skates need to be changed to shoes and carried.
    Boards need to be carried and are more clunky to carry.

  2. Spykerz Says:

    inline blades, skateboards are a bit impractical.