Which petroleum engineering school should i go?

I’m a highschool senior planning to major in petroleum engineering. Currently, I’ve been accepted to Colorado school of mines, Texas A&M university, University of Tulsa, Penn state University park, Texas Tech University, and still waiting from UT at Austin. Which school would provide the best education and at the same time provide great student life?

4 Responses to “Which petroleum engineering school should i go?”

  1. rekless_engi Says:

    Congrats, all of those are outstanding universities. As for which one you will enjoy the most, that is unique to you. I would recommend that you visit as many of the campuses as you can, because you really don’t know what they feel like until you’ve walked them. Other factors may be key as well, such as how far the university is located from your home, what the weather is like in the area, and the male to female ratio (it’s difficult for a guy to find a date at some engineering universities…like Georgia Tech.)

    Personally, I am working on my masters degree in petroleum engineering at LSU. I’m from the Atlanta area, and the culture here in Louisiana suits me well. Also, the 8.5 hour drive to Baton Rouge is much better than the 13.5 hour drive to Penn State.

  2. ro-c_. Says:

    Ya go for it, those jobs pay alot of money.

  3. Morpheus Says:

    Those schools sound like dynamite! But keep in mind the School of Mines in Butte, Montana – I know it used to have an excellent reputation – and it should be cheap – Butte is SO POOR! You could buy the whole town for a postage stamp.

  4. oil field trash Says:

    Based on my experience, I would say Texas A&M. Not because their program is better but once you get a degree from A&M, you will have a lot more chances in the oil business.