Who agrees American should start drilling for are own oil on are own land?

Heck, Wyoming alone can support the country for many many many years. The biggest reason we get are oil in the Middle East is to give people there jobs and help their economy. But they hate us so why help them? If we mine are own oil we can produce a crap ton of jobs here and the price of gas CAN be under a dollar a gallon if the government wants to make it that cheap which I doubt they would.
@Evil Independen- I don’t live in Wyoming anymore but I spent my first 23 years of my life there.

10 Responses to “Who agrees American should start drilling for are own oil on are own land?”

  1. Vito1964 Says:

    I’m all for it, provided it’s done correctly.

    Most of the oil is on land owned by the government. Right now, oil companies lease the land for pennies an acre, pump out the oil that belongs to all of us, mark it up and sell it back to us at a hefty profit. They let most of this land sit without pumping on it just to keep supply down and prices and profits high.

    If we’re going to use oil from land that belongs to all of us, let’s pump it out ourselves and sell it at cost to the American people. If Exxon wants to compete, they’d have to stop artificially inflating their prices.

  2. peachy Says:

    I TOTALLY agree! But once again the American people have to pay for the political greed that has become common practice in our country.

  3. Silver Says:

    I agree. The reason liberals disagree with this is because they want us to live in poverty, meanwhile they spend spend spend all of our money we paid for taxes. Liberals are such a waste of space.

  4. l e n Says:

    I am not against drilling for "our" oil on "our" land.

  5. Left Hand Black Says:

    Are America dudnt need mare drilling in are country jethro!

  6. Evil Independent Says:

    Funny, somehow I doubt you live in Wyoming. I live in an area with lots of natural gas and it sickens me to see how they rape and poison the land.

    I would prefer we stop using so much oil and find a different source for transportation of goods. Look at the BP mess, a foreign corporation should not be drilling for our oil.

  7. American Woman Says:

    Agree but Wy for example is 55% owned by the Federal Government. They are not going to allow drilling as long as 0bama is POTUS. Remember the Drilling Ban?

  8. mr danger Says:

    Unless we nationalize the energy companies first then there is so such thing as "our oil "
    I honestly don’t get the Cons don’t understand such a fundamental concept of free-market captalism

  9. Sean Says:

    Actually, you should probably do some research first on how the oil trade works. Consider the cost of labor to set up ONE oil well in the USA. If we used ONLY domestic produced oil, gas would shoot up to $8-10/gallon, because that’s how much it would cost to pay US workers to drill the well and set up the pumps, to pay US workers to refine it, etc. We have less than 1/3 of the oil refineries in the US as we had a decade ago, so it would cost money to build enough refineries to cover the capacity we would need. Oil prices would literally be $250-300 per barrel for domestic produced versus the $75 a barrel we pay for foreign oil. In fact, that’s exactly what happens. The oil that is produced here, is sold to foreign countries for 2-3x what we pay for foreign oil. In fact, you are so far off base, it’s really not funny. We get approximately (estimated) 23% of all of our oil from the middle east. Where does the majority come from? Something like 60-70% comes from Venezuela. That’s right. The majority of the oil we use for gas in the US comes from South America, not the middle east. And it’s less than 10% is used from domestic production.

    Likewise, the government isn’t here to set gas prices, so it’s not their job to give cheap gas. In fact, compared to the rest of the world (with a couple exceptions), gas in the US is cheap. Nowhere else in the world could you fill your tank of a typical sedan for less than $100, much less the $40 it costs to fill up here.

  10. Bewildered Says:

    I just read that the US is the third largest producer of oil. Yes I said producer. Russia is #1 and Saudi Arabia is #2 producing a small percentage more than the US. Iran is 4th and produces about half of what we do.
    Private and foreign oil companies are getting a deal on an American resource. A resource that could quickly pay down our dept. Our government (democrats and republicans) are giving away this resource and notice that they are only giving lip service to alternatives to oil for our cars. Americans are smart, quit fighting each other over pennies. See through the smoke screen that has been laid down and demand results. Oil had its place in the development of this country and it still does, but the time has come to work with other forms of energy for transportation. Government and private industries have worked together in the past to accomplish great things for this nation, for example: rural electrification, our railroad and highway system, nuclear power and the race for space to mention only a few. We Americans need to quit undervaluing our accomplishments. To make my point, did you realize the U.S. had a rocket to go into space months before Sputnik but President Eisenhower ordered the final stage of the rocket filled with sand. I guess he had the insight to realize if we went into orbit over Russia first, they may of claimed we were violating their air space. Sputnik was used and is still used today to undermine our accomplishments and give Americans the need to see we must keep working hard for our education and in our jobs. In these times lets continue to work hard towards improving this nation but lets give ourselves credit for it at the same time.