Who has accomplished more for their state; Obama or Palin?

She passed ethics reform in Alaska that effectively ended the political career of many Republicans. She passed a constitutional ban on gay marriage but signed into law benefits for homosexual couples. And unlike the current Senate, has passed a budget in the amount of .6 billion that included several hundred cuts in wasteful programs, saving taxpayers over 0 million.

Palin’s popularity soared above 80% as she shelved pork-barrel projects by fellow Republicans and jump-started a campaign by her lieutenant governor, Sean Parnell, to unseat veteran U.S. Rep. Don Young of Alaska, who is now being investigated by the FBI.

Ms. Palin has shown similar boldness in going after Big Oil, whose money has long dominated the state and helped fund its Republican machine. In a snub to the oil majors, she has proposed TransCanada Corp., a Calgary energy company, be given the primary contract to lead the billion job to build a natural-gas pipeline from Alaska’s North Slope.

"Palin has accomplished a feat which has eluded the U.S. Congress for many years. She has pushed through the Alaska legislature a natural gas pipeline project which will bring new supply and price relief to the lower 48:

On Aug. 1, the same day the call for a vote on drilling began on the House floor, the Alaska state Senate approved a package of measures to license a new natural gas pipeline. House Bill 3001 lets Palin award the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act license to TransCanada Alaska, a pipeline builder that cast a winning bid of five.

The legislature had been trying for 30 years to authorize something like this and, up until now, had blown it. Palin got it through. Getting it off the ground, the state says, will be the biggest construction project in U.S. history.

Palin considers the billion project her biggest accomplishment as governor. "It was not easy," she told IBD. "Alaska has been hoping and dreaming for a natural gas pipeline for decades. What it took was getting off the dime and creating a competitive market in Alaska."

The 1,715-mile gas line would stretch from Alaska’s North Slope to Fairbanks and down to Alberta, Canada. Then it would take existing gas lines to Idaho. In 10 years, Palin says, the lower 48 states would receive 4.5 million cubic feet of natural gas a day. By 2030, according to Energy Department estimates, Alaska’s annual natgas production would quintuple to 2 trillion cubic feet."

That will mean less dependence on foreign oil, and lower gas prices for us.

The presidency and our government is about GOVERNING…

Does Obama have any similar accomplishments??
Wendy: Yea, the Alaskans are doing so horribly, thats why she has an 80% approval rating…

8 Responses to “Who has accomplished more for their state; Obama or Palin?”

  1. Bill C Says:

    Doing so well in Wasailla does not compare remotely to a city like Chicago so Obama.

    If you replace Obama to Palin to Chicago…isn’t she screwed?

  2. Thomas L Says:

    oh the bear again… Didnt take up my advice i see.

    It wouldnt matter you have your mind made lol.

  3. Cheek Says:

    HA Palin! Hands down!

  4. D squared Says:

    And for her next trick she will turn water into wine. Or in her case gas.

  5. Cracker Jack Says:

    Obama has not done anything in Illinois except increase welfare benefits. Illinois is flat broke. At the present Illinois State workers are only working 4 days a week because Illinois can’t pay them. Way to go Obama!!!

  6. wendy c Says:

    Was this speech passed out at the convention, on cds, so everyone can "spread the word"??
    Or.. can you handle a one page glimpse of what people today are facing in Alaska. Or, google Adak, Alaska in the news.. where they are RATIONING electricity, since the town cannot pay for the diesel to run the generators? Where is all the earmark money for THEM??
    Do you even grasp the difference between political propaganda and independent thinking? Or are you just asking for the sake of having 20 people, parrot whatever you tell them. That has to be the party platform.

  7. kevino Says:

    So you are comparing a Senator to a Governor….

    thats like comparing apples and peaches

  8. Bee Bee Says:

    Palin by a landslide with an 80% rating. . Obama’s Illinois is a disaster. area, LOL