Who is getting rich on the oil price spike?

Lean forward & bend over, You know Obama is letting the speculators rake it at the expense of the middle class.

Palin has the right idea, drill baby drill
What is Obama waiting for?

7 Responses to “Who is getting rich on the oil price spike?”

  1. FOOD FIGHT! Says:

    I made quite a profit. But I lightened up on oil stocks this week.

  2. joseph z Says:

    watch when companies like exxonmobil come out with their earnings reports for this quarter. just wait and see what they report as their profit.

  3. Jacob W Says:

    You are correct. During Bush’s administration the media was going nuts over the increase in gas prices but at lest then, crude oil was up to $150 per barrel. Right now it is still hovering around $100 per barrel but the price of gasoline is almost as high as it was under Bush.

    BTW- does anyone remember why the price suddenly dropped during the Bush administration? I do. It was right after he signed an Executive Order to allow off shore drilling to increase. It didn’t ever happen but just the threat of us increasing drilling made the speculators run for cover.


  4. Tubby the dopehead Says:

    Oil exporting countries and speculators.

    p.s.: Oil drilling is way UP under Obama. Turn off the Fox Spews and get INFORMED INSTEAD.

  5. mr danger Says:

    Calling Palin an idiot is an insult to the people who actually are idiots.
    Why would an oil company incurred the huge additional expenses of exploration ,drilling , recovering and refining new sources of oil so that they can sell it at a considerably lower profit per gallon then they are now ?

  6. Mark Says:

    Obama may or may not be allowing the price fixing carry on unfettered I cannot say…but here is the REAL reason for the escalating prices of oil & it’s by products it is NOT the turmoil going on in north Africa & the middle east as those that supply the vast majority of the worlds oil, such as Saudi Arabia, are not affected by… these uprising & the civil war in Libya…Russia from what I am being told is the latest major player in the global market to expose these illegality’s & are undergoing their own investigation into a few of the major oil company’s & their partners operating within their own borders.

    It is a number of the oil company executives who are the real criminals illegally fixing the prices on global market & making an exorbitant about of coin doing so…

  7. Yeah, Butt Says:

    The Arabs, Russia, oil companies & anyone wise enough to have bought their stock.