who is in the right here?

I moved into a house in Michigan about 4 months ago and recently found out it was not turned into a rental and no inspection was done, Further the person who rented it to me is not the owner the owner is in Tia Land and her morgage does not allow renters,, What can i do, Do i have any rights?

2 Responses to “who is in the right here?”

  1. holly Says:

    Without a contract or lease you have no rights sorry. If you have paid a bond or deposit you need to sort that out with the person you are paying rent to ASAP and move out.

  2. alell23 Says:

    You really need to present this question to a lawyer familiar with the laws of your state and town. Often when a person has moved into a residence his very presence gives him certain rights. But eviction may not be more than a month or two away. If building codes or health codes have been violated (as it appears), you may have no recourse. You may even lose your security deposit. Put your rent in escrow.