who is right, israel or palestine?

why are they always fighting for nothing?
and most importantly who is the legitimate owner of the land?

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  1. Dirk D Says:

    Well, most Jews left Palestine somewhere after 70 AD, and didn’t return until more than 18 centuries later. When the returned, they terrorised the native population, and eventually ethnically cleansed much of it. That seminal event is what caused the fighting. Israel still refuses to allow the fugitives back. There won’t be a solution unless the fugitives are allowed to return, and either are given back the land (unlikely) or given fair compensation and land in comparable locations.

    I think it is rather offensive to say they are fighting over nothing. Ethnic cleansing is not nothing.

  2. oldmarine08 Says:


  3. Darkwolf Says:

    because the Palestinians are more content to live in squalor while trying to kill Israelis than in luxury and harmony with Israelis. The Israelis are trying not to look like the bad guys, and so lack the conviction to truly squash the Palestinian militants.

    there never was a palestinian state. not in the entire history of the world has there been a country known as Palestine.

  4. Darth Vader Says:

    I think they are both far right wingers.

  5. mclovin Says:

    neither there both pathetic

  6. Pythagoras Says:

    It has come to the point where it doesn’t matter who is "right". I’m sure both feel that they are the proper occupier of the land.

    The better question is "Where do they go from here?". There are millions of Israelis and Palenstineans, and short of genocide, they are going to have to find a way to live together.

  7. Guerilla Yam Says:

    Why does someone have to be right. Politics is not Highschool Sports.

    I think they are both wrong.

  8. bucit Says:


  9. artfan216 Says:

    They’re both right….and they’re both wrong….it’s messed up…

  10. m Says:

    Considering that Israel did not exist until a UN mandate in the ’40s, I would say the people who were displaced by this mandate, the Palestinians, have the most legitimate claim to the land.

    Imagine someone coming into your home state and saying, "Alright, well this group of people has tenuous claim to this land and they were wronged by a group of people in Europe, so pack up your stuff, this land is now their land".

  11. mylilbubbers Says:

    In my estimation Israel is "right." However, I do not support Israel as in the way the US supports them (We helped them build barriers). Both religous backgrounds have laid claim to Holy Land very close to one another. The problem is the way people should live and raise their families is hugely different – to the point of violence. Jews and Muslims have been fighting over that land for well over a 1000 years. Destruction of one religion from the area is inevtible as seen in the Bible and the Koran.

    And to Dirk. The Jews left Israel in the first place because of persecution – they could argue they came back to claim what was theirs and was taken away to begin with.

  12. Deep Blue Says:

    Israel has recently conceded to everything the PA asked in order to get peace, just to see itself in yet another war fueled by Hamas extremists. The current situation will not allow a leader of peace, like Gandhi or Rev King, to arise in Palestine because the stream of money and guns from Syria and Iran (therefore power) will continue. You cannot reach a situation of mutual concessions when the other side concedes at nothing and agreements are impossible.

  13. Modest Mouse Says:

    Neither are right, and both are right.

    After the Ottoman Empire crumbled in the wake of World War I, Great Britain managed the territory under a mandate. During that time, many Jews from around the world bought land and settled in Isreal/Palestine along with native Palestinians. In 1948, Britain terminated their mandate due to domestic pressures in the wake of World War II.

    The United Nations set out to partition the land between Jewish and Palestinian because violence was brewing, but Palestinians refused to negotiate and began attacking Jewish settlemnents, causing the Arab-Israeli War of 1948.

    Thus, they both own the land but violence is too big a concern for both of them to cohabitate. A two-state solution is the only possible compromise.

  14. TroubleMaker Says:

    The creation of the State of Israel ranks as one of the most divisive events in modern history .
    Just another example of what man will do to his fellow man .

    If you have not grown up enough to just walk away from anything then I feel sorry for you .

    Learn to work with what you have and not what you had because if someone steals your car and dismantles it into hundreds of pieces and sells them off getting back the frame does not mean you have your car back .

  15. P L Says:

    Originally, Britain, is the bad guy here by promising the land to both groups. Before WW1 the area was part of the Ottoman Empire and the Jews, Muslims, and Christians lived in the area without violence. During WW1, the British offered the territory to both the Jews (the British Balfour Declaration) and the Arabs (Hussein-McMahon_Correspondence) in return for their support in the war. These British promises led both sides to believe that they were promised the land. After WW2, when the area was still under British control, the Jews revolted.

  16. junglecat Says:

    Nobody is right or wrong. This is the only major unsettled civilization conflict left.

    European emigrants colonized the america after defeating the various native indian cultures. The Austrailians conquered the Aboriginees. The muslims swept up most of the sub saharan africans, almost all arabic and persians, and alot of indonesians.

    Most everything is settled. After World War II, the Allies (US, England, France, etc) which had WON, determined because of the holocaust – the would-be extermination of the Jewish race – it was necessary that they have a country of their own.

    So instead of giving them a slice of Poland or the Balkans, the idea to give them their ancestoral homeland which was occupied by the Palestineans – who had drove them out 2000 years before.

    Who is right is a matter of POV (point of view).

    It will never be settled until there is a victor. Any peace process will be futile. The must always be a winner and a loser.

  17. toughguy2 Says:

    Israel is constantly under some kind of attack from the derranged Islamic extremists and have been for years. They really would like to live in peace and left alone but the Muslim extremists hate them and their very existence and have for years. You go to Israel and see a lifestyle similar to the USA with stores, things to do with people dressed normally and then go a few miles into Palestine and people are living in caves like they are in the 6th century. Palestine claims to own the land of course but that’s a big lie as it was once shared by both and owned by neither.

  18. mo mosh Says:

    Palestine is a region of the middle east, currently divided among:
    1. Jordan (77% of Palestine)
    2. Israel
    3. part of Lebanon
    4. part of Syria
    5. disputed territories (Judea, Samaria, Gaza)

    Israel has right to all of Israel and the disputed territories.
    The Arabs can have Jordan and the rest of the middle east.

  19. masterjack_98 Says:

    I propose that the land of "Israel" be split in half. The northern half would be Palestine and the southern half Israel.

    In the middle occupying Jerusalem would be the new U.N. HQ with a corridor that divides these lands from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea. Stationed there should be 300,000 man Rapid Reaction Force capable of delivering a serious smack down to ANYONE in the region that acts out of line.

    This solution creates peace in the region and gets the U.N. out of New York .

    Solomonisc I admit but wasn’t he one of the greatest Semites ever?