Who is the Fat Black guy on Fox Business Network Endlessly attacking Barack Obama and Eric Holder?

I mean who does this network think they are fooling. I’m watching this Charles Payne sit here and endlessly attack Barack Obama, now blaming him for high oil prices. Then he starts attacking Public Workers Vacation rights, then he starts attacking Attorney General Eric Holder. This stuff is Insane. Where was Charles Payne During the Bush Years? Where was all this talk about government spending? It wasn’t on Fox news that’s for sure. Infact, this same fat black guy Payne, along with Oreilly and Hannity, used to attack anyone who didn’t agree with government. Accuse them of lacking patriotism. When There was a gas shortage in 2008, here in Atlanta, a lot of gas stations even ran out of gas. None of these people were attacking Bush, blaming him for the gas prices. If Taping Natural Oil is the answer, then why didn’t Republicans do this back when they controlled the house, and the presidency ?? They had an entire term and a half to do it. I mean this guy is just sitting her spewing this crap, calling Barack Obama a socialist, saying he is weak, on and on on on and on. Its so ridiculous. Yes MSNBC is bias, but there was never talk about Bush Being "Fascist" Or " Communist". Or Socialist. And Bush Expanded the federal government way more than Clinton did. And the best part about this fat man Payne, is all of his guest, including the other black bald guy who just sit here and do nothing but talk trash about Obama.

11 Responses to “Who is the Fat Black guy on Fox Business Network Endlessly attacking Barack Obama and Eric Holder?”

  1. T-Paw the dull turd Says:

    Hey, he’s Black. What more do you want?

  2. Rihanna Fan Says:

    Sorry about how you feel. Want a cookie?

  3. Dingus Mcgee Says:

    i feel like that is offensive, but being a conservative, i wouldn’t know for sure.
    check with some of you liberal friends?

  4. Brad Says:

    That’s fox news for ya, endless morons pouring lies about everything into everyone’s head. funny how some people think How can anybody hate America? well its because they watch this and think what a bunch of fucking idiots.

  5. Charlie is Winning Says:

    Charles Payne is a multi-millionaire who grew up in a very rough New York City project. I’m pleased to be able to educate you.

  6. Baddog Says:

    It’s very simple. If you are a conservative, the rules require you to spew hate and attack all liberals. Besides, it’s the ‘cool’ thing to do.

  7. Foghorn Says:

    W was and is a liberal just like his daddy and brother. People did complain about his spending, you chose not to listen.

    The Rs have tried in vain for years to open ANWR to drilling but the idiots on the left would not permit it.

    W has called a fascist and a nazi for many years. You really need to start paying attention.

  8. RayHere Says:

    You seem to have a problem with the fact he is black and does not agree with you try and look past the color of his skin and instead look at the content of his character You mentioned that he was black numerous times was that really necessary?

  9. Sock Monkey Says:

    Want some Gubment cheese to go with that whine ??

  10. teagan Says:

    Charles Payne is great, he is spot on and a great financial expert. He can spot a socialist a mile away, its really not that hard.

  11. Joe in texas Says:

    Sorry I didn’t know that black people were not legally permitted to be Conservatives.

    By the way, your statement is racist.