who is the right owner of land on israel and palatine?

every time land problem which is which?

3 Responses to “who is the right owner of land on israel and palatine?”

  1. Eyal J Says:

    israel, it’s their country, they won this land in wars. the palatines just being stubborn on it..

  2. gcbtrading Says:

    The British Palestine Territory was divided among the inhabitants, both Jew and Arab.
    Each has their rightful land.
    Over the years, Israel has taken land used against it for hostile purposes. I am convinced, when it’s neighbors live peacefully next to Israel, a resolution to these lands will be achieved.

  3. Brm Says:

    it is for the Palestinian people, longtime ago jews were departed from germany, alot of countries to Palestine and they started a country in Palestine, by offering money to poor Palestinian people for their houses then they started a country.