Who or what has the most to do with the high gas prices?

1.Obama’s unwillingness to drill for more domestic oil
2.Government taxes on oil and gas
3.The Federal Reserve devaluation of the dollar
4.The turmoil in the middle east
5. Tax cuts for big oil

12 Responses to “Who or what has the most to do with the high gas prices?”

  1. Andrew Says:

    1, 2, 3 and 4…

  2. Steve Says:


  3. Freddy Rodriguez Says:

    I believe, that everything that is going on in Libya right now is probably one of the main causes for these high gas prices. Libya was one of the number one exporters of gas to The United States, but now we have cut that line, therefore, we get less gas or buy more from other middle eastern countries which costs more.

  4. Waiting for my beatiful baby boy to arrive Says:

    Its all greed :( The greedy people need to be smacked until the prices drop back down.. i heard that gas prices will be around 6.00 a gallon by this summer!

  5. rufus475 Says:

    3. The Fed’s devaluation of the dollar (through their Quantitative Easing programs.) The more money they print, the lower the value of the dollar, the higher prices go in response to a weaker dollar.

  6. Cob Bollum Says:

    The value of the dollar is key, but the other key is wage rates rise nothing close to the rate of inflation, while all commodities do. The non-rich get the shaft yet again.

  7. bluelotussmellslikebananas Says:


  8. civilman Says:

    All of the Above, But the tax cuts are not going to change anything, take them away and big oil will get it back someway or another, If we drill baby drill gas wont be any cheaper, the rich get richer and the poor don’t get a dam thing. The housing crisis has weakened the dollar and it wont rebound until we stop living off of tomorrow’s profits. The turmoil in the middle east is forever ongoing and it will get worst.

  9. Warren T Says:


  10. Fried Kitten Says:


    Most people do not understand the real cause of the increase in the price of gas.


    During Bill Clinton’s 8 years in office the price of gas at the pump
    fluctuated between $1.00 – $1.25.

    During GW Bush’ 8 years in office the price of gas at the pump
    spiked up to $5.00; it has never come back down to $1.00.
    (It is now around $4.00 per gallon.)

    So what happened?


    GW Bush used his authority, once he became US President, to order the FERC
    to deregulate the wholesale price of electricity sold through interstate commerce
    [across state borders].

    The deregulation of the price of electricity caused electricity prices to skyrocket
    now that there were no longer any limitations on pricing.


    When electricity was capped this prevented oil sellers from increasing their prices
    because Americans would have turned to electricity as an alternative to fuel their
    homes. Oil companies would have lost a giant chunk of their revenues (profits) if
    many American households had converted to electricity. So oil producers and oil
    sellers didn’t raise their prices although they were free to do so.

    Once the price of electricity shot up, thanks to the ordered deregulation by Bush,
    now oil producers and oil sellers felt comfortable in also raising their prices because
    Americans had no cheaper alternative to turn to.

    Natural Gas producers were in the same boat as oil producers.
    Of course, Natural Gas has also jumped onto the bandwagon in tandem.
    Their prices were also low prior to deregulation but they no longer are.

    Thanks Bush for single-handedly screwing America.
    Did Bush know that this would happen?
    Of course he did; Cheney had numerous meetings with energy lobbyists and there
    was plenty of dirty money to make. Absolutely they knew that this would happen.
    Bush may have been a knuckle-head but his advisors were not.

    If you think that this is a conspiracy theory go ahead and research it.
    There is not one lie in my submission.


    The five possible reasons that you allude to could not have been applicable if Bush
    had not deregulated electricity.

  11. err Says:

    none of the above in actuality it is fear. there is plenty of oil to go around. but fear is making the price go up

  12. Paula Says:

    "1. Obama’s unwillingness to drill for more domestic oil".

    The price of gas would drop by 50% if Obama (swt) would just authorize more domestic drilling (and probably another 1-10% if he authorized expanding existing, and authorizing new, refineries protected from non-governmental lawsuits/restrictions).