Who ultimately says what the price of oil should be?

And why in this bad economic times, are not dropping the price of gas?, This will help the one like me who are bearly making ends meet.

2 Responses to “Who ultimately says what the price of oil should be?”

  1. nronronronro Says:

    Oil production in the USA peaked in 1970 at 10.2 million barrels. Today, US production is 5.3 million barrels. This is a drop of 50%.

    Worldwide, the daily production of oil is 85 million barrels. Consumption over the last year has ranged from 81 to 88 million barrels per day.

    If the world grows over the next 50 years, oil will surge.
    My humble recommendation: move to Houston.

    I am!

  2. Michael ManfromUnkle Says:

    Consumers ultimately "influence" the price of goods or services with supply/demand