Who wants low gas prices!!!!?

Okay. Well, my mom had an idea about going to your capitals in your states and "drilling" them for more oil. The gas prices are INSANELY high! and if we wait much longer, they’ll go out of control! go to www.drillyourcapitol.blog spot.com to find out all about it. Leave comments.
I also had an idea that I’d open a "Dollar Gas" gas station and sell gas for a dollar a gallon!
Basically, I’m just trying to see, who would go for that???
ps- please go to that website! find out all about drilling your capitol!

7 Responses to “Who wants low gas prices!!!!?”

  1. Jim42 Says:

    I DO!

  2. randy f Says:

    i remember $1 a gallon and less even!!

  3. thc451 Says:

    This may be the only way that the rest of the world can have any input on our choice of vehicles-When foreigners,who also share the planet,see a tiny woman exiting a humongous structure of sheet metal,plastic and rubber many times greater than anything she could possibly hope to utilize in a practical way they begin to question our cavalier attitude toward energy consumption.

  4. Falstaff Says:

    I remember 22 cent a gallon gas.

    GOP OUT, OBAMA IN 2008!

  5. jordy m Says:

    i do

  6. mccain is really Bush 2.0 Says:

    I can remember before GW bush loaded up the Escalade and moved to DC gas was around a dollar a gallon. Why TY Republicans!!

  7. summer Says:

    Who doesn’t want lower gas prices? geeeez