Whose land is it anyway?

This land is your land, this land is my land… or is it? Who owns Federal lands, such as national forests, parks, wildlife refuges? Are these lands the personal property of Bush and Cheney, to be given away to oil & gas interests, or are these federal lands the property of all Americans?

Those who keep arguing to drill, I guess you haven’t read the article below, or have you just had your head in the sand, as you don’t even know that there are already millions of acres of federal lands that were leased at next to nothing to oil & gas companies who have not drilled or even exlpored the lands potential.

So why do the oil companies want this land? Plain and simple, holding the lease to federal lands increases the speculative value of these companies. Its strictly a ploy to show investors how much land they have leased and what great potential that land has!!

Aside from the billions in government welfare that oil companies already get, I guess that is not enough for Republicans who would probably give away Manhattan Island to Exxon if it meant there was oil under that rock.

Is there anyone out there who feels that federal land belongs to the American people and should not be given away?

Why do the conservatives, who are so opposed to government handouts, so in favor of huge government subsidies to the oil companies??

Here is the article:

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  1. leavin#1 Says:

    Ding,Ding,Ding we have a winner, great question. While the average FOx watcher is being yanked from one manufactured crisis to another the Federal Gov’t $Billions slipp away. With oil prices hitting $140 and change this past summer The Interior Dept run by Minerals Management Service lost $53 Billion over 25 years on Gulf deep water leases alone. Gale Norton signed over "Your" and "My" land and guess where she works now? Hired by Shell do do some good ol’ lobbying.
    People wake up there are no crisis’ in this coutry that can’t be fixxed. We have vast resources both natural and human, so while your chaseing your tail trying to find another enemy in the Middle East to blame for the worlds woes the Corporate shills that you are supporting are selling your childrens country down the river to the highest bidder.
    "If the Ameerican people allow private banks to control the issuance of currency, first by inflation then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their wealth until their children wake up homeless in the country their fathers conquered."
    Th Jefferson

  2. 32,000 BTU Gas Grill Says:

    I agree. And it’s not as if that oil, when it comes out of the ground, will even go toward America. It will get sold on the world’s market to the highest bidder: China, Japan, India, etc. and we might get a small part of the oil that comes out of our own land.

  3. Cainite 08 Says:

    What a rant…way too many words for me…

    How about this, get a job and purchase what you want. It’s "yours" to some degree…but ours if you quit paying taxes!

  4. shellybelly0 Says:

    Democrats could take away every social program there is and conservatives would still claim they are giving handouts.

  5. Brig Says:

    More american people for drilling than not. So where does that leave your question?

  6. She It I do Says:

    The federal government owns this land
    The same as the land that an Air Force base or Area 51 is located upon
    And to lease out the land can be compared to the land that rail road tracks is leased out to the rail roads to
    Or leasing out the land to Logging companies or Mining companies
    And the oil companies are in the same catagory of a service to the country

  7. Long Legged Mac Daddy ver 5.0 Says:

    The Cherokee, Souix and Seminoles

  8. robot_hooker2 Says:

    Not every acre of land an oil or gas company has the rights to (the land is leased, by the way, and will revert back to the government when the lease expires) has oil or gas under it. Companies have to lease large blocks of land based on educated guess-work on where oil or gas MIGHT be. Once they get the land, they can explore with more detail and then drill on the land where the resources actually are.

    And since all of that oil and gas goes (or would go) to easing our dependence on foreign oil and gas, it’s a benefit to the entire country.

    Finally, since American companies have the second-highest tax rate in the world (and B. Hussein Obama wants to make it the highest), where is this corporate welfare you speak of?

  9. 若 (ヅュリアン) AM's 新選組 狼. 死神 死の Says:

    All well and good, but that’s not helping the speculators any. They see a ban on getting oil from certain places, and decide that we’re going to have virtually no oil in the future, so they’re buying and holding their stock, and not selling. That’s why oil prices are so high. We give the order that they can drill, the speculators start selling, and gasoline prices drop below 2 dollars a gallon again. It’s not rocket science.

  10. ladybug Says:


  11. scrooge Says:

    the indians