Why are all the Big Oil States in USA, storage at Capacity, and no oil being pumped with new Drills Caped off

It seems as i spoke at the Mayo Clinic the other day to many people in waiting rooms from Oklahoma, Texas, that they are very mad at our president, for not using all the Full Stored up oil from every state.
They are also very angry, that New Oil Drilling pumps have been put in all over, but all are capped off, and only a handfull near the presidents home area are running, and thy run Full time.
So if we have al these tens of millions upon millions of gallon of OIl just sitting in these state in the south, and not being used, WHy? Maybe Cheney and Bush know that if they use some of this Full stored Oil here, and not pumping but getting ready to pump, Oil in the south, if they start oumping, then the gas prices will start dropping, thus they will make less for themselves. So why not keep robbing middle and lower America?

3 Responses to “Why are all the Big Oil States in USA, storage at Capacity, and no oil being pumped with new Drills Caped off”

  1. Trouble Maker Says:

    Having gotten around more then most you might be surprised to know just how many oil wells are capped and how many Americans are getting a monthly check of between $175.00 -$375.00 from subsidiary’s of national oil companies .

  2. heavysarcasm Says:

    Not sure which oil wells you are referring to, but they are all owned & operated by private businesses, not our government.
    Most of the oil drilling companies are publicly traded and they report how each of their wells are doing. These companies are backed by investors and they want to produce and sell as much oil as they can. Bush & Cheney have NO say whatsoever in their efforts. There are legitimate reasons to cap off oil wells, usually because they no longer produce, but there is definitely no government conspiracy to shut down independently owned oil wells. The only oil the government does have control over is the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which we maintain in the event of a major disruption of our imported oil, (about 700 million barrels).

  3. Dragonmistress Says:

    Because we can’t offend our Saudi friends(?) by not paying thru the nose for their oil.