Why are all the Big Oil States in USA, storage at Capacity, and no oil being pumped with new Drills Caped off

It seems as i spoke at the Mayo Clinic the other day to many people in waiting rooms from Oklahoma, Texas, that they are very mad at our president, for not using all the Full Stored up oil from every state.
They are also very angry, that New Oil Drilling pumps have been put in all over, but all are capped off, and only a handfull near the presidents home area are running, and thy run Full time.
So if we have al these tens of millions upon millions of gallon of OIl just sitting in these state in the south, and not being used, WHy? Maybe Cheney and Bush know that if they use some of this Full stored Oil here, and not pumping but getting ready to pump, Oil in the south, if they start oumping, then the gas prices will start dropping, thus they will make less for themselves. So why not keep robbing middle and lower America?

3 Responses to “Why are all the Big Oil States in USA, storage at Capacity, and no oil being pumped with new Drills Caped off”

  1. Ilovekaraoke Says:

    Ok… Let me see if i can put this into perspective. The Oil companies have no reason to do it. The "strategic oil reserve" is there and I believe he has given the OK to use it. The problem is, as I have heard mind you, it just can’t happen over night. Now, as to the capped oil wells. It is in the Oil companies best interest to NOT uncap them. they make more for them being capped than not. And why should they? Record Profits!!! All the shareholders are crying all the way to the bank. What needs to happen is WE need to become less dependent on OIL period. Not just Foreign Oil. Oil is a Non renewable energy source. We need to work harder on alternative fuels.. that’s not going to happen anytime soon, so, Green is the color of the US. The bad part is, if its not profitable for a company to do it, they won’t. They will drag their feet. Bad part is, when gas prices come down, people stop barking. When the Oil Companies have record profits, we bark. It last for a week or 2, then its back to the same old/same old. That’s what i know. I’d read the LUNDBERG (I think i spelled that right) REPORT. The talk about fuel and Oil and all that. Google it and see what you see. This is not all President Bush’s doing. This has been something that has been coming for a long time and NO ONE wanted to touch it. Now they have to.

  2. jim w Says:

    most oil pumped out of Oklahoma and Texas isn’t even used for fuel the crude oil in Oklahoma is pumped out for the paraffin wax that they can get out of it. also the wells are tapped for natural gas they produce. trust me no one is hurting for money in the oil buzz. of course the politician’s wanna lead you to believe this remember its a election year they are all gonna lie they rich asses off to get a vote

  3. gary b Says:

    First of all these fields are owned by private companies..The President just doesn’t go in and tell them what to do..A lot of these capped wells have no oil or very little and would cost way too much to bring to the top!!! We have the biggest fields of oil ever discovered ,in the wilds of Alaska and liberals and wacko environmentalists have stopped drilling with law suits and idiotic lies to stop production!! Get your facts straight!!! We have lot’s of oil but idiots won’t let us drill!!!