Why are democrats against drilling for our own oil?

There are countless BILLIONS OF BARRELS of oil reserves throughout the United States and offshore that we could tap into using TODAYS technology. Not mention 100 years worth of natural gas reserves. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/11/us/11oil.html So why are democrats dead set against the US drilling for it’s own oil where we have the tightest environmental laws in the world, and thus reducing our dependency on foreign oil?

16 Responses to “Why are democrats against drilling for our own oil?”

  1. Icabod Says:

    I could not have said it better myself, Thanks.

  2. Secular Humanist Says:

    It seems to me that the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico last year is a pretty good argument against drilling.

    We should drill if, and only if, there can be guarantees that there will be no negative environmental impact.

  3. Team Burton™ Says:

    If helping the American people and preventing the nation from dying altogether stands in the way of the political agenda machine, then to hell with the American people. Senator/Congressman Douchebag wants his paycheck.

  4. Brandon Johns Says:


  5. Jim from Virginia Says:

    We think about the future of this planet and we will drill when all the Arab oil is gone with better and safer technology.

  6. Intellectual Bulldog Says:

    Corporations like GE spend millions in lobbyist buying Democrats not back them and not oil companies.

  7. Cris Ray Says:

    Two moose an a deer may be offended .The higher oil goes the better the expensive green energy looks.

  8. mr danger Says:

    I missed it When did we nationalize the oil companies ?

  9. Conservative valuesssssss Says:

    They don’t want to mess up our environment, but they don’t care if someone else messes up theirs for the democrat’s benefit. I am a liberal, but this is pretty hypocritical.

  10. Polly Says:

    ObMao’s handlers who blew up the BPO rig..ordered o to stop drilling to allow our economy to be in as much distress as possible w/out lookingb like O is helping bring the the USA economy down….The Chinese know if we cannot rely on our own supply–like most of the world–then Obama can bring the $ down here..drive the cost of living up to an unlivable level–so the feds can ride in on their communist horses and save americans.

    Corporations..USA oil, Illegals flloding our country–all play into ObMaos’ handlers’ plan.

    O has no good ideas of his own..and in fact has the worst judgment of any president even carter!

  11. Nextvic Says:

    BP was given the first permit for new drilling in the Gulf. Do I need to say anything more?

  12. Josiah Says:

    You phrase your question well. I think the main objection is the risk to nature associated with drilling for oil. I think that most democrats would rather see the money that would be spent developing oil reserves spent on developing cheap, reliable alternative energy sources.

    Do we have the untapped wind and solar resources in this country to completely abandon foreign oil? Some would say so. If oil was the only way to power our society into the next century, I think the story would be different, and democrats, republicans, and independents would have no choice but to drill for oil wherever it could be found. But I think we’ll see a reasonable alternative in the near future.

    They’ve been telling us for the better part of 50 years that the electric car was just around the corner. Well, in the past half decade, we have turned that corner, and the technology keeps getting better. I’ll bet the oat and barley companies railed against the oil companies when they saw the horse being pushed off the roads as inefficient.

    In light of these developments, oil companies must be feeling the way record companies felt when they heard about iTunes: like a sinking ship.

  13. Nish Says:

    U r right. everyone should be allowed to drill oil without disturbing environment and neighbourhood.Politician and business lobbies makes rules for their own profit. they can change when ever they feel so.

  14. Donald Says:

    the greedy corrupt incompetent Radical Extreme Leftist Democrats want to shovel money to their friends and money suppliers who own the companies that build windmills, Solar Panels and make the so called bio fuels

    Windmills, Solar Panels and the so called bio fuels are very expensive and inefficient ways to produce electricity.

    The only way these individuals can make any money is to artificially limit the supply and increase the costs of domestic oil.

  15. ndmagicman Says:

    You really do not know what you are talking about. US oil and gas drilling and exploration is booming all around the country.

    According to the US government’s Energy Information Administration, domestic production of crude oil and related liquids rose 3 per cent last year to an average of 7.51m barrels a day – its highest level since 2002. The rise enabled a 2 per cent drop in US oil imports to 9.45m b/d, in spite of rising demand as the economy recovered. US oil imports have fallen steadily since 2006.
    The revival of U.S. production has been made possible by a rush of small and mid-sized companies into onshore regions such as the Bakken shale in North Dakota, the Permian Basin in west Texas and the Eagle Ford shale in south Texas. North Dakota’s production has doubled since 2008, reaching 355,000 b/d in November. Extraction of oil reserves in these regions was thought to be uneconomic, but has been made commercially viable by the transfer of techniques successfully used to extract shale gas; in particular, long horizontal wells and “fracking”, pumping water under high pressure to crack the rock and enable the oil to flow.

  16. Rayne Storm Says:

    Because when Democrats say "Freedom of speech" – They mean THEIR speech.

    When they say "Freedom of choice" – They are referring specifically to one horrible "choice" that THEY want to make because they were irresponsible.

    When they say, "Save the planet" – They mean THEIR side of the planet…They don’t care if you ‘rape the earth’ on the other side of the world.