Why are Democrats being so stupid about drilling for more oil?

If it’s supposedly going to take over 5 years to benefit from drilling more oil now, then why didn’t they let oil co’s start 5 years ago? So, by their logic we keep waiting until gas is /gal before they think it’s ok to drill more? Since when does being dependent on OPEC make any sense whatsoever from any point of view – economic, political, strategic, or even environmentally? How are off shore oil wells so environmentally unclean. How is the US supposed to develop and get off of oil within 5 years – when gas is /gal?????

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  1. mark Says:

    The problem is that we (the world) CANNOT DRILL OUT WAY OUT OF THIS CRISIS. Our oil reserves are not going anywhere and might turn out to be useful to have on hand. The real problem is that we need a MASSIVE effort to turn to renewable sources. Not just for global warming or environmental reasons but because WE ARE GOING TO RUN OUT OF OIL some day THIS CENTURY.

    Using your example, if Oil were $20 / gallon without our reserves being tapped into, The impact of bringing our reserves online would drop that price by a few dollars AT BEST. The untapped US oil reserves are only going to increase the daily world output by a few percentage points.

  2. wwsracing Says:

    Since OPEC isn’t controlling the price of oil.
    Supply is keeping up with demand, no orders for oil are going unfilled. Think about it, gas is everywhere, they are just charging more.
    Investors and Speculators are the ones driving up oil prices. They are people who will not use the oil, or use it to make a product. They are just in it to make a profit.
    They have been unregulated, and are trading oil on non regulated exchanges. Real supply and demand is not driving oil prices, speculators are.

    Read this article for a description of the problem:

    Then read the Senates own report- THE ROLE OF MARKET SPECULATION IN

  3. Mark S Says:

    Good question. On one hand they say we need to be more energy independent. On the other hand they don’t want us to drill in Alaska, or the Gulf of Mexico. We could even start using nuclear power plants because new technologies have made them a lot safer. But I’m sure they would not want to let us do that either.

  4. World War III Says:

    well, our country likes to borrow money (11.7 trillion dollar deficit) as do other countries. part of that money we owe is part of the deal (buying oil in the middle east) if we drill our own then we would be violating the terms of the loan and 11.7 trillion would be due immediately, the Democrats know this and so does the Republicans, it really is a much bigger picture that is hard to fully explain, but did you really think we would never have to pay back 11.7 trillion, please

    i wonder what else we have put up as collateral for such a huge loan, and we just borrowed 180 billion from China for our stimulus checks

    sorry, the USA is in fact going to crash (economically any way, this is why we will use our own oil, like coal in to oil, etc for our military)( and for those against gun laws, you will soon see what the right to bare arms is really meant for as written in the Constitution)

    funny, this is all part of what we call terrorist planned out for a long time, and well, look around, they are close to having full success
    world trade center OMG call 911, opps now we have world trade problems and the all mighty dollar is losing the race, hummm

    open your blind eye

  5. Oxl Says:

    Dems in congress are purposely driving up the price of fuel because, with the assistance of the media, they can blame it all on Bush in the hopes of turning conservative votes their way.

  6. Lifeline Says:

    We elect the clowns that seem to be less informed than us–the American public; I think we have sold our souls to the devil—the oil companies; china is buying its self to oil all over–Cuba, US, Mexico, etc by making huge investments with the understanding that part of the drilling venture for oil means they have first hand into the oil that (might) be produced. So while the demos. are reluctant to give the okay China will benefit from the drilling; they are currently do ing so on the coast of the US–where demos. will not allow the US oil companies to drill.
    The best option, in my opinion, is to drill, build nuke plants, use solar energy, raise windmills (even if Kennedy gets upset) and explore all and any alternative energy sources that might be invented—electric cars etc these will allow the US to use any source that is at hand while not depending too much on oil from imports or ours (if it is found here and if the demos allow it). Still ,understand that the demand for oil is now higher because the third world countries are now becoming industrialized–India, China, Venezuela, Russia, etc therefore the demand is high but the supply is no longer there to meet the needs of the world.
    Vote no to Democrats, but I say that because I think McCain is the best men for the presidency not because I support the party.

  7. Grainov Truth Says:

    There is no need to do any drilling. This planet has been poked from one end to the other by drilling companies and total reserves of oil were known in 1965. No new oil has been discovered since.
    The peaking of production happened around that time too….meaning all the oil in the ground has to be pumped out(it just doesn’t bubble out -gusher) which is much slower. The pumped out oil is heavier…so less gasoline – more heavier oil products. More costly to produce. And cost is the issue for the oil companies.
    They have left the majority of the US wells years ago because all that was left was "heavy oil that needed pumping".
    It is gonna cost more to get that oil out of the ground, and they don’t want to spend the bucks if they don’t have to yet.
    Not when it is coming out somewhere else.
    Oil dependency is very great. Mainly because they put it in everything.
    I don’t need my car or my computer to survive. But I do need air, and drinkable water and uncontaminated soil (for food like fish and animals and veges)

  8. Randy F Says:

    This the very reason why republicans are so adamant about keeping as many democrats and liberals out of Washington. They want to destroy capitalism, this country and you. They will do it any way they can and they do not care who gets hurt. They have some idea that if they get fully in control they can bring about some Utopian world that exists only in comic books and sick minds.

  9. F*cking liberals Says:

    because they are having a great time making bush look like the bad guy when they won’t pass any bill bush tries to put past em, even though we have ways of drilling and doing 0 damage to the environment. The dems blame the war in iraq for the high oil prices, and say it is a war for oil, which is absolute bullshit. We are over there to protect our asses here in the states. If the dems were to ever pass a bill to drill in the continental united states(which wont happen) we would be the most wealthy nation on earth. The most oil is located in North Dakota and Montana / canada, it is mixed with slate rock and would fix all of our problems. stupid dems.