Why are Liberals so dead set against us drilling for oil so that gas prices will come back within reason?

You know here's a prediction, as soon as this gas price crisis starts hitting liberals in the wallet, they will miraculously forget about all their environmental "causes" and start begging congress to start letting oil companies drill in the U.S.

19 Responses to “Why are Liberals so dead set against us drilling for oil so that gas prices will come back within reason?”

  1. ndgbill Says:

    First your monumental ignorance of oil and oil pricing is revealed with your comment that allowing for drilling of oil in heretofore forbidden places would cause gas prices to "COME BACK WITHIN REASON". .

    The amount of NEW oil that would be brought on line by these drillings is a DROP IN THE BUCKET and would have virtually NO effect on the price of oil period.

    Get it through your thick head that the destruction of the earth's environment is no friggin POLITICAL issue to be used as a political football by ignorant partisans.

    You and your ilk need to educate yourself about many things from how are gasoline prices arrived at to how to save this earth of ours from greedy ,selfish immoral people.

  2. hacker_67_39_177_230 Says:

    Why are republicans so dead set against a energy policy which takes America away from oil once and for all?

    Never mind. We'll do it ourselves.

  3. cloudwalker Says:

    I think we should drill for hot air ………… from Republicans heads!

  4. Frank Says:

    Gasoline will never be cheap again. 1.50 gas will never be here ever again. Drilling for oil won't solve our problems.

    We need to get off of oil – we need to initiate a new wave of alternative energy and fuels to revamp our economy and lead the US economy into the future.

    Oil is the past. The sooner we get off of oil, the better the US will be.

  5. Pied Hussein Piper Says:

    Because they are liberals.

    As soon as our representatives start feeling the voter pinch they will start writing and passing bills to drill. All they have to feel is that they may not get reelected.

    People like Hacker (above) evidently don't realize that we need an alternative before we pull out the rug.

  6. don_vvvvito Says:

    I heard Reid and the rest of the sorry dem controlled congress are waiting for a dem to get into office before they let the drilling begin…..that way the dem pres can get credit for the falling oil prices….

  7. Slut Face Says:

    here is the thing, just one oil spill, just one, will destroy the environment for many many years to come. And keep in mind, that this is a TEMPORARY relief, oil is a finite resource, we should be focusing on an alternative fuel source instead. Oil WILL eventually run out, like it or not, and this would only be a temporary relief, when that runs out, we are back to square one.

  8. Smarter Than You Are Says:

    because its a scam. prices will never g down again. we need alternative energy sources. perhaps we can tap the FAT on americans bodies for fuel.

  9. angel s Says:

    look you republicant bushes own energy dept told him that if you drill in alaska the price of gas will go down 1 cent the next 20 yrs so stop blaming libs for the high gas prices blame bush because b4 the war the barrell of oil was 20 to 30 dollars now over 130 dollars he also said the oil money was going to pay for the war what happened there

  10. dinymok Says:

    No, you are wrong!

    Because there are 2 groups of Liberals—-

    1. The Rich Greenie Elite who want gas prices high.
    2. The Welfare Liberals who don't own cars and want gas prices high, because they Hate people who Work.

    (Liberals Hate us Working People. They blame us because their Welfare Checks aren't Bigger.)

  11. Princess Zelda Says:

    Most environmentalists are liberals who believe closed-mindedly in the Theory of Evolution, and would rather protect replaceable trees and animals than standing up against the slaughter of 1.2 billion babies annually.

  12. Edg1 Says:

    they put animals "rights" before human needs. They also don't believe facts. They predicted the elk would suffer from the oil pipeline from prudhoe bay but the population actually increased and the elk like the warmth of the pipeline. They also can't believe the elk have legs and can move away for a while during drilling.

  13. ExWifeOfScottThePoser Says:

    The only drilling libs approve of is what they do to each other in those all boy bars they love to frequent.

  14. emal2me Says:

    No, were never going to seriously fight global warming while pumping up and burning more oil at the same time. Besides, what do we do when we run out of that? We'd better start figuring what to do now.

    If the Republican Party would quit attacking science we'd figure it out.

  15. John L Says:


  16. Keith S Says:

    because they want you to suffer! time to wake up and throw these worthless pricks out of power ………..sh*i*t what is going to wake you people up, 10 dollar gas.you have the power of the vote,USE IT ! by the way,it is not the democrats that are the solution,they are the ones that caused this problem.

  17. right you are ken Says:

    As a resident of Florida, I don't trust the oil companies to be responsible enough to allow them to drill off the coast of my state. I don't want them to have the chance to ruin our billion dollar a year tourist industry. The republicans might have a valid argument if it were not for the obscene amounts of money these companies and executive level management are making. I consider myself fairly intelligent and all I see happening is the noose being tightened around our collective necks by a greedy industry run by greedy people. However I do not blame the oil industry solely, I also blame wall street.

  18. dreamer. Says:

    im a democrat, and im pretty sure the gas prices have hit my wallet, and im pretty sure its due to non intelligent republican regimes starting wars over nothing except big business :] stupid stupid people, open your eyes, do some research and find out what this war is TRULY about before you go making claims that dont have truth behind them.
    saudi arabia attacked us on 911.
    so we go after iraq? hmm
    then we decide, nahh they have weapons of mass destruction, weird .. have we found those yet? oh yeah, they dont exist.
    now were suddenly going for Operation Iraqi Liberation [hmm OIL?]

    if we start drilling everywhere what the hell are we going to have left in a hundred years? the land will be dry of all oil, the ozone layer will be depleted because were idiots, global warming will take full effect and we will all be screwed. sounds fun huh?

    like my sticker on my car says …
    seriously. think about it.

  19. Mode 1 Says:

    I would rather push for alternative energy sources than destroy our environment. Keep in mind, it's about the well being of our planet as well as our wallets. I know it's tough for Conservative to understand the concept of "other people" or anything that isn't money related. Stop being greedy and think about the bigger picture.