Why are our Senators and Representatives falling for oil Company Lies?

Increased domestic drilling will not lower the price of gas for American consumers. So why are our elected officials buying it?
Under pressure to help consumers, many of our members of Congress are wrongly giving in to the oil and gas industry’s multi-million dollar lobbying campaign to open protected lands and waters to drilling. The truth is that any increase in oil production from new drilling would be a tiny portion of world oil production. Our price at the pump wouldn’t change — but oil companies would profit at the expense of our most precious wild places.
Did you know that 80 percent of our coastline is already open to oil exploration and drilling? Now, the energy industry has its sights set on places like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska and Utah’s Red Rocks Wilderness. But opening what little land we have left to more drilling won’t lower gas prices — it will only put our cherished lands at risk.
The American people are too smart to believe these drilling myths. Our senators and representatives should know that We can’t be fooled, and that We want meaningful, long-term energy solutions.

So Bryan you are saying that the American people are notsmart and we can be fooled.

9 Responses to “Why are our Senators and Representatives falling for oil Company Lies?”

  1. Bryan Says:

    You conclusions are incorrect and at least 70 percent of the people disagree with you, which blows your last statement right out of the water. Increases in production will result in increases in supply. Increases in supply will result in decreases in the price per barrel. Decreases in the price per barrel will result in lower prices at the pumps. The Saudis have proved this concept repeatedly with their manipulation of the market using supply side tactics. The only thing you are correct about is that we do need to address long term energy solutions. The first would be reducing dependence on foreign oil. The only way to do this in the short term is with domestic drilling. My question is why do people like yourself insist on painting a false picture in favor of alternatives which do not exist. We should be doing both, but the simple fact is that viable alternatives are too far in the future to have any beneficial effect on the short term.

    Edit: Turn the phrase however it suits you. I do not believe anyone is being fooled, including your ilk, which I view as self serving propagandists. It is simple economics with sound theory backing it. However, I also realize that it is common for propagandists to attempt to paint all who dissent as either ignorant or uniformed and attempts to get them to act in a more reasonable manner are generally useless. If you want reasonable discussion on the issue, start with a reasonable premise which does not insult the intelligence of the majority of people in the country.

  2. Are You Dry Shaving Me? Says:

    Drilling would create over 500,000 new jobs.
    Drilling would keep over 300 billions of dollars in our economy, or do you like keeping the middle east leaders rich off our money?

    Even if price doesn’t go down (which it will) those two reasons are good enough to start drilling.

    Read this:


  3. captainobvious_lj Says:

    even if that were true (its not) I would rather keep US money in US hands compared to sending it to countries run by people who want to do us harm.

    call me crazy

  4. mr p Says:

    75% of americans say ‘drill for OUR oil’ so you are on the wrong side of this issue

  5. Dina W Says:

    Why are you falling for Democratic propaganda?

    Seriously there is more shale oil in the western states, then there is crude in Saudi Arabia.

    Oh, and I believe we should simultaneously use our oil, while we explore and research other forms of energy that is affordable for everyone.

  6. Puller58 Says:

    You answered your own question when you mentioned lobbying campaign.

  7. rockfish Says:

    your Democratic representatives are big stockholders of oil companies.

  8. badkitty1969 Says:

    Because the oil companies are slipping our senators and representatives all sorts of goodies under the table in exchange for their support.

  9. stupidcaucasian Says:

    The senators and representatives are lying to us. They have been for years. The Saudis are planning to RAISE prices at the September 19 meeting even though demand has gone DOWN, Like the posters above state, I too would rather American money stays in American hands! Why would anyone want to sent money to countries that fund terrorists? It just does not make sense.