Why are people continuing to support Democrats when they are causing the cost of oil to stay higher than?

it should be, drilling on our own soil would produce enough oil to lower gas prices and the mid-east terrorist nations could not help the Democrats hold us hostage and pay them ransom so they can train more terrorists to kill Americans?

20 Responses to “Why are people continuing to support Democrats when they are causing the cost of oil to stay higher than?”

  1. Waylon 4 Says:

    Because liberals are mentally handicaped.

  2. 123 boo a hoooo Says:

    the same reason nobody seems to know that congress has a worse approval rating than bush and it was only after democrats took majority is when the economy and gas prices went down the toilet (or up)

  3. dinkum360 Says:

    Seems like you have the answer already.

  4. NeoCon LiveWithMom BedWetter Says:

    Let’s see….


  5. captainspalding3 Says:

    Because they’re dreaming of free healthcare.

  6. tribeca_belle Says:

    It’s absurd to suggest that the Democrats are responsible for high oil prices. The Democrats are trying to insure that we break our dependence on oil for the future.

    The Republicans receive most of the contributions from the oil companies and loyally serve the oil companies’ interests rather than those of the American public. We must develop alternatives, as we should have started doing 30 years ago when Carter suggested it. Our future is not in the 19th century technology of oil but in 21st century technologies and the sooner we start realizing that, the sooner we will achieve energy independence.

  7. flercemel0n Says:

    Because the Republicans are the reason it is so high…..Duh! 15 minute attention spans I tell you. It never ceases to amaze me.

  8. ioerr Says:

    We don’t have the reserves to make ourselves independent of foreign oil, at current levels of demand.

    Neither do we have enough to significantly lower the global price of oil.

    Much of our current demand is for unnecessary, luxury travel.

    The reserves we have are a national asset of great strategic significance. It would not be in our long term economic or military interests to consume them so quickly.

    Conservation by national policy would take us far closer to energy independence than all the remaining reserves we have.

    Combined with the development of alternative technologies, we would in fact become energy independent.

    Much of the recent drop in oil prices is due to slackening demand, demonstrating the conservation by national policy is the quickest, most effective way to drive the price down.

    The only group that would benefit from such profligate drilling would be the oil companies.

    It is not the government’s responsibility to ensure you can buy cheap gas, no matter how much you waste.

    People support the democrats because they understand these things.

  9. windseeker_1 Says:

    I will let you in on a little known secret. I live in Canada and we have enough oil to supply ourselves for the next 400 years without having to rely on imports from other countries. Not only does having this oil not change how much a barrel of oil costs us we even pay more for our gas and diesel than our American neighbours. The only change that will come from drilling for more oil is the extra change that goes into the pockets of the already billionaire oil companies.

  10. Arkansas hunter Says:

    Stupid people do stupid things.

  11. Rocman Says:

    And then they want to tax us dry on top of all that.

    bostonia- yadda, yadda, yadda……nobody wants to hear your boring crap!
    "Neo-Cons"….WOW! That’s original, you still living in the 60’s?
    "What a bunch of losers! Make that LOSERS!"- way to end with an impact! You sound like a geek, I bet your family is proud of you!

  12. imaguy1212 Says:

    I’ll ask you this then, why do republicans continue to support the failed policies of the bush administration. Rep’s were in charge when all of this started and I blame them. Now nancy P and Harry r are in charge and it’s getting worse. Too much bickering and partisan politics are not doing this country any good. Dem’s or repubs, they both suck and we need to clean house in Washington.

  13. ash Says:

    (sigh) I support democrats because they have a reality based view of how much help it would be to start drilling now. And a reality based view of whether we can drill our way out of this. You should listen to T. Boone Pickens, old time successful oil guy and unfortunately a supporter of the Swift Boat Vets for Truth – even he lives in a world of reality when it comes to energy solutions. How about republicans, can you find your way back to the real world too?

  14. Barney Says:

    Nancy Pelosi is American public enemy #1 on this issue. The people of San Fransisco are #2 and the other brain dead citizens in her district who continue to elect her into office. Right now she is leveraging the issue to get re-elected. She is over extending her authority from her constituency over the will of the Amercan peoples will and the national security of the US. The high price of oil is now a national security issue. If we don’t cut the dependancy on foriegn oil we will be at the mercy of the Arab nations. When you can’t afford to fill your tank, heat your home (primarily east coast), ect… and we’re not allowe to drill, drill, drill; think Pelosi, Pelosi, Pelosi, San Fransisco, San Fransisco, San Fransisco, California, California, California.

    Thumbs down doesn’t change the facts people!

  15. Alien Says:

    People are easily mislead they follow just like sheep and never question why.

  16. john_d_ayer Says:

    It sounds like you noticed that the Dems talked a lot about lowering prices and going after Big OIL and have not done anything.

    This is because Big OIL gives tons of money to Democratic campaigns.

    If the supply was increased the price would drop and Big OIL makes less money so the Dems are not going to do squat.

    The Dems want people poor so they become dependent on government handouts, slaves to the US government.

  17. Max50 Says:

    They want to raise the taxes too that alone is disqualifies anyone to be in office.
    Obama wants to give us to give each family 1000 dollars.
    From where tax on wind fall profits. (that smacks of socialism redistrubution of wealth.)
    Now anyone who pays attention knows those companies are not going to eat that cost by pass it down the line so we would pay more at the pump.

    So big fat hairy deal I get a check than in turn give to the gas station with higher prices.

    How is that a good deal?

  18. planksheer Says:

    All I can say is if you liked the past 8 yearss, You’ll love Mccain.
    As for your question, it has all ths characteristics of one grabbing for straws. Can you make it more convolouted and conflated ?

    This is just another crazy question where the person posting it presumes others are as dumb as he is.

    Answer is they’re not.

  19. hdean45 Says:

    Isn’t it about time we take a look at what is happening to our country. While we spend our time posting insults at each other we ignore what we have allowed to happen. We have elected the most incompentent,power hungryand down right crooked people that both parties could come up with. All we are going to have for the next 4-8-12 years and longer is more of the same unless we clean house and start over and that isn’t going to happen so welcome to your America what you see is what you get.

  20. fotoguy808 Says:

    What we need is a new oversee-committee to oversee the new ensure-committee we are going to create to ensure that all the other committees currently in government are working a minimum of 1-hour per day, to include coffee making and checking e-mails. Further, we need an email-committee to research how many e-mails per day can be effectively seen by an employee and make recommendations on how many more government employees we need to properly read and delete said e-mails. That will solve all our issues…

    Or we can return to the founding father’s idea of the United States… a limited Federal Government, with the States having their own governing power. People say "United States" all the time and don’t really pay attention to the two words that make that up… "United" "States". If Florida wants to open up land for off-shore drilling, then the Florida Government should decide, with the voice of the Florida people. Same for California, Alaska or the western states for the shale oil.