Why are RedsStaters blocking OIL drilling at Daytona, Taladaga and the Fort Sumter CSA Memorial Battlefield???

Don’t Republicans care about raising Gas prices.

12 Responses to “Why are RedsStaters blocking OIL drilling at Daytona, Taladaga and the Fort Sumter CSA Memorial Battlefield???”

  1. greyzone2 Says:

    hypocrisy ?

  2. kathleen O Says:

    Maybe they’ve figured out that off shore drilling isn’t going to help gas prices, not now, not four years from now when that oil is finally refined into gas.
    Get a clue.

  3. huckleberryjay Says:

    LMAO, I take it you won’t get many challenges on this post.

  4. Nikki Says:

    They were,but maybe not any more.

    PENSACOLA BEACH, Florida (Reuters) – For decades opposition to oil drilling off Florida’s coast was one of the few issues uniting the state’s Democrats and Republicans, who agreed that shielding the environment and the huge tourism industry came first.

    Not now, as oil prices rise and U.S. motorists are paying serious prices at gasoline pumps.

    Last week Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, a Republican who often sounds like a Democrat, shattered the consensus by calling for an end to a federal moratorium on oil and gas drilling along the country’s outer continental shelf.

    His decision follows the stance of Republican presidential candidate John McCain on an emotional issue before November’s election. Two Republican Florida congressmen also backed Crist.


  5. pibzz Says:

    Unfortunately liberals LOVE to live in red states (because they’re safer and have better schools), then they spew their rot, file lawsuits, find endangered rats, bugs roaches, and other fellow liberals to add to endangered species, then make it impossible to drill, not only in BLUE states, but RED states too.

    Its really the LIBERALS that don’t care about gas prices, if this was left to real Americans, we’d have plenty of fuel.

  6. Jeff Smoker Says:

    Maybe because there isn’t any oil there?

  7. Bo P Says:

    I wouldn’t care if I had one in my backyard if the price of gas would go down. Logic would tell you that you wouldn’t put up a well unless there was oil there. That’s why the idiot Harry Reid and the rest of the do nothing dem Congress needs their azz whooped when they state that oil companies already have millions of acres available to them. It don’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out but unfortunately most dem followers are to stupid to realize their leaders are just stringing them along….

  8. TedKennedy'sbrainrot Says:

    because there isn’t any there, ‘tard.

  9. thegubmint Says:

    Probably not much oil around Talledega, but if you go down to Gulf Shores, you’ll see quite a few drill rigs out in the Gulf. They’re scattered all over Mobile Bay too.

  10. Rick O Says:

    I can’t answer for two of the areas but for one I can as I live near Taladaga……….This entire area was blanketed by oil explorers a few years ago with in depth echo testing the only thing found was some small pockets of natural gas, no oil sorry but are you liberals still telling people to drill where there is no oil.but not to drill where the exploration showed there to be major oil fields… just like a bunch of democrats

  11. SIDNEYGOOD Says:

    Thanks for confirming everyones suspicions

  12. whcwarrior_10 Says:

    why drill where there is no oil?? nice spin though..keep repeating it, and you will believe it is truth soon….