Why are the republicans letting US oil companies EXPORT gasoline to other countries?

But yet they want to drill all over this country knowing full well that it will do nothing to reduce gas prices because oil is bought and sold on the world market. So oil drilled in your back yard goes on the world market.

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  1. chikydoo Says:

    Because it affects the world market, which drives down the cost.

  2. mr p Says:

    come on, read up on this before you ask a stupid question

  3. Moses Says:

    Its all about making more money not helping the citizens of this country.


    You know we get paid for exporting gasoline. We can afford to export gasoline because we have a lot of oil in reserves, but Dems don’t want us to use it. And drilling in only one place, Alaska, can keep the US independent on oil and reduce gas prices for a long time.

  5. stuboston Says:

    congress makes the laws. right now, the democrats are in control. so any "why are they letting" questions need to be directed at the democrats.

    so please tell me
    Why are the democrats letting US oil companies EXPORT gasoline to other countries?

  6. supdwg Says:

    Because the US government does not have management in place in each of the oil companies.

    Would you ask Why does the government allow farmers to sell corn to other countries?

  7. babs07 Says:

    Its call a free trade market. It has nothing to do with republicans or democrats.

  8. ddhackens Says:

    The Dem’s control the Congress so if anyone is letting anybody do anything it is Nancy Peloci and Harry Reid.

    Say No To B O …….. McCain for America ……. McCain for "08"

  9. peegassus Says:

    anything to make a fast buck.

  10. Buddy Says:

    Table 50. Year-to-Date Exports of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products by Destination, January-May 2008


    They lump Crude oil with Petroleum based products
    What are petroleum based products?
    Petroleum products include
    unfinished oils, liquefied petroleum gases, pentanes plus, aviation
    gasoline, motor gasoline, naphtha-type jet fuel, kerosene-type jet
    fuel, kerosene, distillate fuel oil, residual fuel oil, petrochemical
    feedstocks, special naphthas, lubricants, waxes, petroleum coke,
    asphalt, road oil, still gas, and miscellaneous products

    I think your question is misleading without all the facts being presented

  11. Doug Says:

    but why couldn’t the US govt. tell oil companies that if they want any additional drilling licenses (especially to drill on federal land), they have to agree to only sell the oil in the US? In other words, that’s the price for getting the drilling license. They may not make as much $, but they’ll still make enough.