Why are there more oil and gas wells being drilled in the US than their are work crews available?

to complete them?

Doesn’t this drilling boom prove f0x spews and all the other extreme right-winger propaganda outlets have filled their viewers’s heads with lies by pretending drilling has been stopped in the US?

bx: Please keep your silly comments to yourself since you don’t even know what "well completion" means.

5 Responses to “Why are there more oil and gas wells being drilled in the US than their are work crews available?”

  1. R Says:

    Yep. They are completely full of sh!t. Indeed, linked is the oil well they just drilled outside of my front window…
    They can’t even find enough rigs to drill the hundreds of wells that have been permitted…

  2. B X Says:

    not every well is viable and they do not have to be manned 24/7

  3. jaker Says:

    Because, as the article points out, companies have to drill on leases that would expire if they did not.

  4. seasea Says:

    Are you actually believing this, if it was so, don’t you think Obama would have it all over the news every day ? Vote for Obama to prove you are not racist, vote for someone else to prove you’re not stupid !

  5. Drew H Says:

    There are several reasons.

    First, due to the oil cras in 1986, that lasted until around 2003, no little to no investment was made in new completion equipment (pump trucks, logging units, etc.). The service companies like Schlumberger and Halliburton are trying tp play catch up, but it takes billions of dollars to make it happen.

    Wells in America are also competing with wells in every other country. Everyone around the world is in the situation. When a new rig is completed, it goes where it is needed the most and where they can make the most money, which is pretty much anywhere but the US. It is too hard and too expensive to get permits in the US, so we send the rigs to South America or West Africa. And once they are there, they stay there.

    Also, you always drill more wells than you complete. Exploration wells are usually not completed. Realize that only 1 in 12 exploration wells find anything.

    Part of the land lease is that you have a certain amount of time to start drilling or you lose the lease. So, we will drill one well and put it on the completion schedule at the very bottom to hold the lease.

    The biggest problem is getting permits to build facilities on the surface to transport the oil. There is no reason to complete the well if you have no place to sell it. So we drill the wells and then wait several years for the facilities to be permitted to be built. Once they are built, we then complete the well.