Why are we paying $3.85 gallon when Obama has opened up drilling in Alaska and off shore drilling?

We are in the anger stage now so I guess I am in the waiting stage.

8 Responses to “Why are we paying $3.85 gallon when Obama has opened up drilling in Alaska and off shore drilling?”

  1. S O Says:

    Because government doesn’t sell you gas… Is that what you are really advocating?

    If you want to blame taxes, keep in mind that Exxon Mobil paid zero in US taxes, while taking record profits. Blaming Obama or taxes, or US regulations… well, it’s just plain foolish, and if one is, they are very obviously being mislead.

  2. scooterpoop Says:

    Until he opens up ANWR, Obama is doing nothing but opening up wells already in place and closed by him.

    Don’t be an economic idiot.

  3. Does this look unsure to you? Says:

    Because we’re still forced to buy most of our oil from people who hate us due to regulations and limitations to the drilling. And the only drilling he "opened" was what he closed in the first place.

  4. jaker Says:

    Because he did it now instead of 3 years ago. It takes time to get from exploration and drilling to the gas pump.

  5. Robert C Says:

    $3.85 per gallon is remarkably low when compared to elsewhere in the world. In the UK we pay the equivalent of $10 per gallon (£1.40 per litre).

  6. One Truth Says:

    from drilling to market could take awhile, your infant could be starting college before the oil reaches the market

  7. Melissa Me Says:

    Because how much we drill is not necessarily related to oil and gas prices.

    If someone on Wall Street has food poisoning or lets a fart escape, the price of gas could go up.

  8. CJ Says:

    You don’t understand.

    It is a myth that more drilling in the US will lead directly to lower prices at the gas pumps.

    The United States do not own that oil — the oil corporations do. The oil corporations — because they are oh so patriotic — take that new oil and put in into the WORLD market, where it then sells to distributors at whatever price per barrel exists at that time. That distributor might be in Australia or Sweden, not necesarily in the US. Opening up new oil deposits for drilling may enrich the oil corporations, but not necessarily benefit you or me.

    This makes you angry? So then nationalize our oil assets and nationalize the oil companies, like most countries all over the world have done.