why are we still depending on petroleum gas?

we had the same crisis two decades ago when gas was around .00 /gallon. cars then ran 20 mpg and the government was looking for a solution. Once the gas prices started to ease up, the government forgot about this until today where gas is 3/gallon some places like cali is reaching 4 dollars. the average car today goes 21mpg.. we made a huge 1 mpg increase.

note natural gas is more abundant in North America than petroleum. Natural gas offers many benefits as an alternative to gasoline and is an abundant domestic resource that strengthens America’s energy independence.

I still think that the cause of this war was because of gas but heck thats just me..

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  1. Ever Wolf Says:

    Petroleum equates to "power"; not only to keep the world moving, but power as it relates to control.

    Those who control petroleum, own "The Power" and move,,, or stop, the world.

    Power equates to greed, and petroleum feeds greed with money.

    As long as their is one drop of petroleum, we as a species will continue to use it,,, as we have so many other resources,,, until we use it up. Only then will a vehicle or a machine that can run by extracting elements from air or water, for example, be more deeply explored.

    Remember this, if nothing else. "Knowledge is something we acquire, most often, "After" we need it."

    Rev. Steven

  2. graceangeleve Says:

    Because big business makes a lot of money for the prez. Hes a gas guzzlin dictator and will do anything to keep prices high. More money in his pocket!

  3. lustgoddess665neighborofthebeast Says:

    you know whats gonna happen in the future?!??!
    they are thinking of making rechargeable cars from your VERY OWN GARAGe!!! just like the toddler jeeps you buy or see at the store, …
    there is this powerpoint i would like to send to you about gas prices but i dont think i can attatch that, so if you give me your email address i’d LOVE to show you!!!

  4. rle_ Says:

    its got nothing to do with us, its business and money

  5. pfcsandy2000 Says:

    Because we need to drive vehicles and we need electricity, dipshit!!

  6. Dr Dee Says:


  7. Dino4747 Says:

    Natural gas is still a petroleum product. We have limited supplies of it too. Hydrogen could be generated from water and returns to water when burned. Alcohol would also be a good fuel. Any alternative fuel will require a great deal of time and money for conversion, so don’t expect it to happen next week.

  8. catfish_alomar Says:

    there is infinity gas in the world.

  9. patrickmcc55 Says:

    The US is now a net importer of Natural Gas, and demand for it is growing faster than the demand for oil. We havent replaced oil for a simple reason… it is still more economical than any other source of energy. Curious, why do you feel its the Governments place to dictate higher mileage vehicles? You have the choice when you buy a vehicle as to whether you want a hi mileage or low mileage vehicle. Isnt it the individual that bought a 12 mpg Humvee’s fault if he cant afford to fill it up?

  10. east coast okie Says:

    I hate to say this but we don’t have to. We have had the know how to make cars that run on all kinds of diffrent things and sun is one. The goverment won’t go for it because they have been recieving pay offs and everyone likes the money. I mean if we did not have to pay for fule and it was free like the sunshine. Just think of all the people out of work from the oil fields down to the anti polltion fighters to our soldjors.I know when I was young back in the late 60s they had cars then but it was for gas shortage it was for polltion. East coast okie cynthia

  11. Silviu M. Says:

    Because mankind is so eager to destroy itself by any means possible.