Why can't we use Olive Oil instead of crude oil?

If we can make gasoline that runs off of crude oil and cars that run on that gas, why can’t we do the same for Olive Oil?

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  1. daddeo01905 Says:

    What do you mean ‘we’?

    But seriously, we could use olive oil instead of crude oil, but the supply would be limited. Olives take 8 to 10 years to develop. Also ‘ Oil yield is hugely variable also, from 12 to 15 gallons/ton for low-oil varieties to 40 to 50 gallons/ton for high-oil cultivars. Processing is around $400/ton.
    The cost per gallon would be at least $10 per gallon.

    A better choice for biofuel source would be algae. Algae grows in days, has a high oil content, and is inexpensive to grow.

  2. Snowyowl Says:

    Olive oil is too delicious to waste on cars. But yes, there are cars that run on colza oil, or other biofuels like that.

  3. Peter Says:

    It could be done
    But at $80 a gallon would that be a good idea.

  4. Shawn Says:

    "BIOFUELS are NOT socially or economically “free”. If we grow crops to make biofuels, these crops will compete with food crops for already-scarce agricultural land."


    "BIOFUELS are NOT environmentally “free”. If we grow crops to make biofuels, we will be producing more greenhouse gases and other pollutants than if we were burning oil directly because of the fuel, chemicals, and fertilizer used in growing them, and we will be cutting down forest that would otherwise be sequestering carbon to make room to grow them."

  5. David Says:

    we can make "oil" from coal. the germans did it during ww2. there are options, but not economical ones. the best thing we can do is accelerate the building of nuclear power plants to supply electricity to the grid. all of the issues wrong fully and spitefully reported as problems are all relics of the past. nuc power is relatively cheap after initial up front costs are dealt with. it does not pollute. nuclear fuel can be made indefinitely in breeder reactors. no mining needed. waste is completely recyclable. no green house gases. nuc plants run 24/7/365. no wind or solar needed. ever. we are losing the energy war in the u.s. because of archaic beliefs and laws. we will be a 3rd world country in fifty years if we don,t get busy.

  6. websterbackhoe Says:


  7. J. Says:

    You could, you could use any vegetable or rendered animal oil in fact.

    The problem there is not enough olive oil produced to be practical for that application. For that matter, not enough arable land is available for oil crops either. At best you can only reduce the amount of crude oil required by supplementing it with a vegetable or rendered oil.

  8. blakey Says:

    for the same reason electric or other forms of energy for vehicles will not work, The crooks in the oil industry!

  9. Walaka F Says:

    As several have pointed out we can. But of all the vegetable oils olive is one of them ore expensive and nutritionally good for you…be a waste to use as fuel. Waste cooking oil as is commonly thrown out in fast food outlets is a wiser choice…no longer fit for consumption, still great for bio diesel. I disagree with those who say bio fuels are not an option. They are not without costs, but they can and already do make a contribution. They do not really compete with food crops as long as its a level playing field as food always sells higher than fuel.

    As to nuclear…a bit of over statement about the benefits and understatement of the negatives. Nuclear’s worst problem is that in a fully nuclear powered world you need to be living in a police state of extreme restrictions on freedoms. With millions of toms in play, being moved from reactor to reprocessing plant etc, its all too easy for a few kilos to go ‘missing here and there. No need for that to be highly enriched, just radio active waste will do fine. Combine with a length of steel pipe and bit of high explosive light fuse and run! Another neighbourhood totally uninhabitable for decades. It is the risk of terrorism that is the big issue. As to breeders producing no waste? mmmm news to me, news to the industry too. No more mining? well not quite true either.

    There is no need to over state the benefits of nuclear, it has a role to play as part of the solution but it is not the solution.

    For starters its not just about USA, its a global issue. So when is USA going to start supporting nuclear reactors and reprocessing plants in Iran, Sudan, Somalia? Note that with breeder technology the options for nuclear warhead production just sky rocket as the fissile material is plutonium, it only needs chemical separation from the spent fuel rods not the costly difficult enrichment process.

    overall olive oil as fuel? what a waste. but technically feasible. Bio fuels generally…they have a place, but are not a full solution. Electric cars are a much better option. But more innovative shared transport systems are even better. Dial up my private transport it arrives at my front door, hop in it already knows where to take me. I get off step onto a travelator to take me to my office/shop/etc. Dial up a limo model when its time to impress or a sports model if I feel like it. All electric, ready to roll. Cars are a last century idea, we are in need of a new solution…just look at your local traffic congestion if you think I’m wrong.