Why can't we use the floating crude oil of the BP oil spill?

BP has all that oil floating off the Gulf of Mexico, why is it going to waste? Isn’t there a way for oil companies to use this wasted oil? Couldn’t the oil be separated from water?

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  1. Nice Says:

    In the 1990’s the saudi oil companies had a big leak. They got the oil supper tankers out and sucked up the oil/ water mix.They took it to the refineries and separated it,the oil and the water . Sold us the oil. They kept it extremely quiet so no one would complain.One of the Main reasons I think they did it so Quickly,silently is because many of the Arab States get their water from their oceans by their huge water desalting plants. Oil would really have messed it up,Cost some Huge Bucks and prestige! A former Shell oil company chief/engineer was on yahoo news some days ago.

  2. TedEx Says:

    It can be used. The problem is gathering it together and getting it to a refinery.
    There’s so much of it and it is scattered over a wide area.
    PS. Good question!

  3. johnny Says:

    let the animals soak it up. the oil will make them more waterproof. i dont see what the big deal is.

  4. oikos Says:

    In theory, we could. In practice, it is dispersed over a large area, a bit here and a bit there. Another problem is that not all of it is at the surface.

  5. Vik Says:

    There could be many possible problems. First, how to retrieve the oil without capturing any local wildlife or too much water. Second, separating the oil from the remaining water. Third, distributing it. Also, who knows what changes oil undergoes when in contact for water for so long.
    Hope this helps!

  6. Bob Says:

    The oil that is recovered will get refined and used. But most of it will just get eaten up by natural forces over time.

  7. Doyle Says:

    oil and water have been mixed together for millions(?) of years… it isn’t in the ground in little water proof packages waiting for us to dig it up.