Why did Canada's Gov't allow oil drilling in the arctic?

Please know first hand I am not criticizing Canada!

but my vegan friend, who is trying to talk me out of visiting Inuvik, Northwest Territories keeps bashing the Inuit for not RESISTING the oil and natural glass exploitation of the north, and for agreeing to the construction fo the Dempster Highway.

In contrast, my vegan friend claims the Peruvian natives protest vigorously against the exploitation of their oil and resources, which was a headline this week.

In mean terms which are NOT my words, my friend said "REAL Natives don’t allow governments to ‘rape the earth for oil’."

Can anyone make a case for the Inuit and why the construction of NWT oil and natural gas projects was not the same as what’s happening in Peru?

7 Responses to “Why did Canada's Gov't allow oil drilling in the arctic?”

  1. Mathew H Says:

    Your friend obviously doesn’t know very much about the oil and gas industry.

    It’s not painfully harmful for the environment to drill for oil and gas.

    Have you ever seen a gas well? Typically they’re int he middle of farm fields…. the only things that farmers ever complain about are access roads interfering with their crops (access roads aren’t big either, the Tacoma I drive at my job can barely fit on some of them after the farmers get at them). Half of the farmers till the access roads anyways.

    Point is… drilling is not bad for the environment in so much as it delivers a product that may emit greenhouse gases when processed and consumed. The actual drilling isn’t that bad.

    Now tar sands are a whole different story…. but up North they’re not talking about tar sands… they’re just talking about drilling.

    So I would recommend taht your friend learn a thing or two about the oil business and not just reiterate what he/she hears by wealthy college students with nothing else to do but pretend to be earth friendly and all endearing (even though they live in a country that consumes 25% of the entire processed oil supply on earth).

  2. americankilla Says:

    Canada rules. That’s all americans need to know.

  3. harry k Says:

    Be real, you don’t have any friends.

  4. JJ Says:

    they needed to drill to get at the oil

  5. Loyalist Cannons Says:

    If the Inuit resist the oil and gas industry, they will not get richer, and they will have to smack seals for a living. Plus, the increase in the oil and gas industry in the Arctic will naturally (and amazingly, I might add) increase our military presence there.
    Damn Danes.

  6. snowcone Says:

    Sounds about like one a them looney vejuns. Run away.

  7. MasterPython Says:

    Letting them drill for oil means money and jobs. And for Natives with oil on tyheir land it mean money without a job.