Why did gas prices suddenly jump?

Gas prices went up about 18 in the past two days? I have never seen gas prices in my area get any higher that 2.90 a gallon, and now its close to 3.10. I don’t get it, there’s no holiday, there was no natural disaster, no terrorist attack, and the gas price is at an all time high. What happened? I’m so angry. Minimum wage in Missouri is .50 and now it takes a half hour of work for a gallon of gas. I’m starting to struggle.

4 Responses to “Why did gas prices suddenly jump?”

  1. trashy Says:

    alot of factors. supply and deamnd, politics, wall street, over seas threats which cause the traders to stick it to us everytime a muslim farts. you can hear all these scenarios on the news. draw your own conclusions. I think some of it is justified but most not simply because oil companies are making record profits. I think we are getting ripped right now and only hope when things calm down around the world it might ease up.

  2. Easy Peasy Says:

    Be glad your not in the UK here prices are about $2 per litre which comes close to $8 per gallon

  3. hypofocus Says:

    Chavez took over his oil fields.

  4. berge70 Says:

    Ask the oil companies. They need more profit.