Why did Obama push 3 myths in his most recent speech on oil and gas?


10 Responses to “Why did Obama push 3 myths in his most recent speech on oil and gas?”

  1. Paul Grass™℠ Says:

    Because he is a compulsive liar who makes up his facts as he goes along and because he already appeared on Myth busters so he believes they are in his tank and wont expose him

  2. George Clinton Says:

    Start walking fat ass.

  3. Water Says:

    That’s funny. Your link is Newt Gingrich?

    You just lost any shred of "credibility" you might have had.

  4. Chuck G Says:

    obama is a natural born liar.

  5. Socialism Kills People Says:

    Socialism relies on fraud and deception

  6. Chewy Ivan 2 Says:

    Because conservative minds are too warped with propaganda and spin, which is why they keep claiming the facts are myths.

  7. American citizen and taxpayer Says:

    Probably because he couldn’t think of more than three lies to tell, since he’s already told so many. Like "if you like your insurance you can keep it."

  8. Donald Says:

    That is what the Radical Extreme Leftist Democrats do.

  9. Sarah J Says:

    lol, americansolutions.com is just a front organization run by Newt Gingrich and funded by oil, gas and coal companies.You really think this is objective and unbiased information?

    Why are you pushing oil company myths?

  10. Yeah, Butt Says:

    Because the media will swalllow his BS.