Why did Republican delegates chant “drill baby, drill” at their convention?

During Giuliani’s speech at the GOP convention, the Republican delegates broke into a "drill baby, drill" chant.


I don’t understand this. Currently oil companies hold the rights to drill on offshore land with 34 billion barrels of oil estimated below. California is not going to allow drilling off our coast, which leaves potentially another 8 billion barrels in lands which the oil companies do not have rights to.

They already have rights to 34 billion. The supposed "solution" these Republicans are advocating in their "drill baby, drill" chants is just to increase their estimated oil reserves by 23%.


Does anyone actually think this will have any significant impact on gas prices or our energy problems? Bush’s own Energy Information Administration (EIA) doesn’t.

"The projections in the OCS access case indicate that access to the Pacific, Atlantic, and eastern Gulf regions would not have a significant impact on domestic crude oil and natural gas production or prices before 2030…any impact on average wellhead prices is expected to be insignificant."


So maybe somebody can explain this to me. Why is it that despite the fact that we can only increase the oil companies’ offshore reserves by 23%, that Bush’s own EIA says it will have an insignificant impact on oil production and gas prices – Republicans seem to believe this is the solution to our problems, and believe it enough to interrupt their own convention with chants of "drill baby, drill"?


18 Responses to “Why did Republican delegates chant “drill baby, drill” at their convention?”

  1. wildlife_den Says:

    Because republicans like them are concerned about two things. Oil and money. They don’t give a damn about you, your children, the environment, or an energy future. That should be obvious from the last eight years.

    They aren’t interested in finding a solution or solving any kind of energy crisis. they only care about expanding their hold and stuffing their pockets full of lobbyists cash

    These same people whine day and night about "getting off of foreign oil" yet they veto everything that doesn’t involve drilling everywhere.

    They oppose expanded use of solar or wind or electric cars. they even oppose raising freaking fuel standards, are you f***ing kidding

  2. tvlscat@flash.net Says:

    Because they are morons.They believe that the rapture will take them away before we run out of oil (or destroy the environment, whichever comes first).

  3. thezaylady Says:

    They like to say that Democrats don’t love America but they just don’t see the irony of their blatant disregard for the health of the planet.

  4. m g Says:

    Gosh darn it. I guess it was just because you weren’t there to explain it to them.

  5. lemco243 Says:

    "drill baby drill" "log baby log" "mine baby mine" "shoot wolf baby shoot wolf" Someday soon we will be able to take the US back and give to the working people.

  6. Parrot Bay Says:

    It is a way to keep big oil in the game. Mc Cain has taken Millions of dollars from big oil and needs to show he is willing to play ball with them. It is also worth noting that even after the years it would take for an oil company to set up and start in a new area the oil would enter the world market and would have a minimal effect on price. Mc Cain flipped on drilling right before getting the big oil donations (coincidence?) not!

  7. Gershom Says:

    because "she" is huge on drilling in Alaskas preserve….the witch!

  8. CrazyConservative Says:

    The main reason, "It is idiotic not to use our own resources." Whi in the heck would we not take advantage of our own resources? Why not let our oil companies (as a public company, it is owned by millions of different people) profit off the resources? The government makes more money, as do the oil co and the people who own the company.

    As for the land already under lease, my guess is they have determined that these are not the best spots to drill. And if you had to spend several million dollars just to get an oil rig set up, you would also want to drill in the best locations.

    Will the drilling have an effect, hell yes. Even the implication that the US will be drilling will lower the futures prices (as this is simply people speculating on future price). If you do not think this will have an effect, then you need to study eco 101.

    You may also want to know that oil companies have paid x3 more in taxes than they have earned. Seems they are paying for their share, your share, and all your friends share.


  9. paul Says:

    In their own best interest, oil companies drill on leases that are the lowest cost and highest producers. So by increasing the number of sites under lease, production will increase. More leases may not lower prices tomorrow but it may keep prices from increasing at a faster rate in the years to come.
    The real failure is the lack of progress on all avenues of energy production. We can not expect the Chinese to do power research for their growing power needs, so if we want to reduce global warming we need to lead in the search for more sustainable and cost effective sources of cleaner power. The Congress of the last 30 years have ill served the people by not advancing energy research and promoting sources of energy that have less impact on the earth. More oil drilling while we move forward, I think is a necessary step.
    I have not heard from the Democratic party the type of all out program the Republicans have endorsed. No matter who gets elected we need both the Democrats and the Republicans to charge forward if we do not want blackouts and gas rationing in the near future.

  10. Stinky Badger Says:

    What does this have to do with global warming Dana? Maybe the Politics or Economy section would be a better place for this rant.

  11. Tim Says:

    They were VERY clear. It’s not the solution. It’s part of the solution.

  12. richard b Says:

    if we look at things as they are now, we have no infrastructure in place to use alternative energy sources, and electric cars are not yet viable. hydrogen powered cars are very expensive to build, as are hybrid cars. drilling now buys time to get alternative energy sources to the market, and get the cars on the road that use the alternative energy sources. we have enough oil reserves in this country to power 60 million cars for 60 years. we have enough natural gas in this country to heat a similar number of homes for a similar length of time. we just need to go get those resources.

    one thing high gas prices have done is to get people to thinking seriously about alternative energy, and the people are putting pressure on the automakers and the energy industry to get these alternatives to market. it has also served to get the people motivated to get government and the environmentalists off the backs of the energy companies so they can get the energy we need, and build the refineries that are needed to refine the energy sources into something we can use.

    and just because the energy companies have the leases to drill, they dont necessarily have the permits to drill, and even if the have the permits, the environmentalists do their best to block the drilling in court.

  13. Brian Says:

    The American people want gas prices to fall (as do I). However, many have been convinced that drilling off the coast is going to have an immediate, significant effect on the price of oil, which is, for the most part, a delusion.

    And why not lead everyone to believe this, while getting financial contributions from big oil? And while everyone believes this, Republican deligates can give everyone what they now want (drilling to reduce oil prices) – which transfers into votes. It pleases the oil companies, voters, and the delegates, right? It’s unfortunate that there is still shady politics like this going on, but it isn’t limited to only the Republicans, either.

    Drilling can only be a minimal part of the solution. Even ignoring the environment, we need to develop alternatives, since all of this oil may start to run out in the not-so-far future. Both parties need to work toward a common goal of using alternatives as a main source of energy, while using oil to supplement our needs as we get there.

    But the "drill baby, drill" chant isn’t going to help much by itself.

  14. davem Says:

    I’m not from the US, but clearly unless you’re a leftist it makes more sense to use abundant home oil reserves instead of relying on and being held captive to foreign countries, most notably in the Middle East. Do you realize that they could turn off their taps to you at any time for any stupid religious reason? There are calls to do that from some of them. That is something that the Europeans are too far left to realize, don’t fall into the same trap.

    There is no reason not to drill for oil. No reason at all. That’s what we it’s there for. It serves no purpose sitting in the ground. But left-thinkers are too blind to see this. They’re also too blind to know that it’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity in our world. But then…they’d rather that we all live in dark, cold caves so just look at where their complaints are coming from and ignore them. They need some education in ‘living in the real world’. After all, they’ve all fallen for the global warming scam head over heals, right?

  15. Larry Says:

    The answer is very simple. It comes down to supply and demand. When Clinton wanted to give us some relief, he opened up the oil reserves, which increased the supply. Recently, when fuel prices were high, we drove less and that reduced demand, which brought prices down to the current level. If we can increase the supply here at home, we won’t have to import as much from the people who don’t like us and we keep our money right here in the states, instead of funding their causes.

  16. Tomcat Says:

    Because there is not 35 billion "recoverable" barrels on the land that they currently have access to. The amount of investment required to extract a single barrel of oil in deep water has a certain minimum threshold reservoir size required to commit to the expense of a production platform. There are numerous 5,000,000 barrel fields located throughout the gulf, and will eventually will be exploited, but right now the economics are not there to spend a quarter of billion dollars going after half a billion worth of oil. The mindless little worthless liberal senators and liberal congressmen who keep chanting the estimated reserve statistics of yours, are too stupid to understand that basic little economic principle of the oil & gas exploration business.

  17. Randall E Says:

    Dana you’re not addressing the relative difficulty and cost of extraction from different sites.

  18. Andy Says:

    Does the chant have anything to do with Palin’s daughter?