Why did the local tribes in Arabia get ownership of the oil?

When Settlers Arrive at a New Land, How are the Rights of Aboriginals Determined?
There are two cases that I’m most interested in.

The English settlers that arrived in Australia.


The English control over the Arabian Penisula prior to 1925.

Why did the Bedouins get oil rights, while the Australian Abos did not get mineral rights, or any other rights really.

Why was the House of Saud set up and legitimized and declared by the British to be the owner of the vast oil reserves, and yet there was no House of Abo in Australia set up to give the native population there all sorts of property rights.

Two other corollary questions:

Was it mostly because of Lawrence of Arabia? Was his leadership of the bedouin tribesmen the key to their being declared the true owners of the oil rights in Saudi Arabia? Without him, might they just have been brushed aside as a bunch of local savages, like the Abos in Australia?

Was it because of Islam as a culture, and the fact that it is a religion with common roots shared by Christians and Jews. Did the diplomatic arrangements in the 1920"s give deference to Islam as a great culture? If so, and if that culture has since degenerated into barbarism so its king and royal house has no legitimacy, who should own the oil in Arabia now?

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  1. Mike Says:

    They way that I see it the Saudis should continue to own the oil rights.

    However selling oil to the rest of the world is not a right, it is a privelege, that can and must be taken away in the event of bad behavior on the part of the owner(s) of that oil.

    They have the right to use their oil for domestic consumption, however if they want the privilege of selling that oil on the International Export market for money, then they must be good responsible citizens of the world.

    The fact that even the House of Saud permits much of that oil revenue to be used to fund Muslim Terrorism tells me that the House of Saud is not acting as a good responsible Citizen of the world.

    We tolerate the behavior of the House of Saud because the other factions on Saudi Arabia are even worse.

    Essentially as I see it, if any Muslim Country (or any other country for that matter) uses oil revenues from the export of oil to fund Muslim Terrorism and essentially make war (declare war) on the rest of the Civilized world, then we have both the right and the obligation to destroy the oil production and export infrastructure to prevent them from exporting oil for money.

    Essentially if they are going to make war on the rest of us, they have the right to keep their oil in the ground.

    However they lose the privilege of exporting that oil in exchange for money.