why do American constantly complain about their tax dollar going to someone who is on welfare?

Americans tax dollars always go to people who don’t earn it. over 1,650,000,000.00/16.25 billion dollars go to foreign governments,Millions of tax subsides go to rich land owners and to corporations as tax breaks.Why are you people not complaining about that.Voting republican will not stop that! It may even increase it.Republican friends of big business.They weakened anti-trust laws and that is a contributing factor in what you pay at the pump for gasoline.The wmd that sadam had he got them from the reagan administration.Sadam used these wmd(chemical weapons) on the Iranians and then on his own citizens(the kurdish people) bush didn’t tell you all that when he was making his case for war.Working class American need to understand that your taxes taken out of you pay check will always be the same according to how much your pay is.You will never have a say in how the government spends every dime of it.It will be spent on things like a bridge to nowhere,the mating habits of the yellow belly sap sucker and other junk.The welfare person is a target that cowards pick out to complain about. what about all this other mess your money is being spent on.I say if a person who is on welfare and likes where he is has to be nuts.Who in their right mind would want to live on welfar for the rest of their life.on the other hand when you look at the big picture the countries we give money,the leaders of those countrie maybe putting your tax dollars into a swiss bank account so when he is nolonger in power he can move to another country and live a trouble free life on your tax dollar and you are so busy being concerned about that person that you see on welfare. So you just keep on beating up the welfare system while foreign aid is being handed out at an alarming rate to people who don’t give a damn about America.

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  1. sergbelxx Says:

    you get a star

    tax payer money is wasted all over the place including in iraq and as you pointed out in foreign aid.

    There are in fact some americans who would rather see tax dollars pissed away overseas then see one red cent spent to help the american public schools or provide medicaid or to repair roads and bridges. Dont ask me why….it makes no sense, but it is a reality of the world we live in. ASk for money to build a new school and they cry how poor we are and how there is no money…but say you want to go start a war of aggression and piss away a couple trillion dollars in iraq…or to give millions of diollars daily to israel…and they are all onboard.

  2. darckling Says:

    America is a supposedly god-fearing country – yet in reality they don’t care about the poor.

  3. freedom watch Says:

    Because it is not the right of the Government to take wealth from one class and give it to another. Thomas Jefferson petitioned our Government not to pay benevolence to France after France help the US. He said that is not the responsibility of the Government. Today over 60% goes to pay benevolence one way or another. We think we know today what our founding fathers wanted for this republic, but if they were alive they would scratching their head on what went wrong.A great Philosopher once said teach a man to fish and he will be a fisherman for life. Teach a man welfare and I will show you a man looking for entitlements for life.

  4. bmoc2525 Says:

    Actually more and more people are realizing they are supporting too many people who milk the system and they are getting tired of it.

    More people are struggling today than in previous years so they are wondering why they should have to work so hard just to support someone who refuses to work.

    Most people don’t have a problem helping someone who is truly in need but that generosity ends when that person decides it is easier to stay on the government tit rather that improve their situation and help themselves.

    America needs to streamline the whole system and cut our spending dramatically. We should be given a budget to work with and stay within it. Government is broken and unless we as Americans start making a difference it will continue.

  5. Ignorant Redneck Says:

    Yeah, who needs highways, public transport, ambulances, fire trucks, or any of that government shit! I say we turn the country into an anarchist state! They took our’ jabbs!