Why do Democrats hate those who Work – AKA the Middle Class?


Democrat Policies Kill Last Major Incandescent Light Bulb Factory In USA

NASA showdown looms as shuttle workers face layoffs

Union-Backed Democrat Wants to Kill 22 Right-to-Work Stateshttp://biggovernment.com/laborunionreport/2010/06/17/union-backed-democrat-wants-to-kill-22-right-to-work-states/

House Democrats Vote To Kill More Jobs
Under the guise of improving safety on offshore oil drilling, referring to the Deepwater Horizon accident 3 months ago, Democrats in the House have pushed through a bill to Overhaul System of Offshore Drilling .

The bill passed the House by a 209-193 vote and sent on to the Senate, where it “faces an uncertain future.”

Congressional Republicans and Oil-state Democrats all are “warning that the bill will put independent oil and gas producers out of business,” in an area already reeling with high unemployment and no recovery in sight.

Democrats and environmentalists push to kill Shell’s Arctic drilling project

Seriously don’t democrats understand the ONLY reason they even have a one social program is because the Middle Class pays in taxes to support their idiotic ideas?

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