Why Do Democrats Think Americans Want To Drive Tiny Death Traps And Pay $4 For Gas?

Isn’t it about time that Dems start supporting drilling for oil in America so gas will be cheap and plentiful ?
The U.S. has over 1.3 trillion barrels of known oil reserves (not including over another 1 trillion in sands oil and shale oil ).

9 Responses to “Why Do Democrats Think Americans Want To Drive Tiny Death Traps And Pay $4 For Gas?”

  1. krollohare2 Says:

    No they want you to pay $9 a gallon like the English, ride in trains, buses and on bicycles and make the OPEC nations filthy rich.

    That’s because Obama serves his new masters.

  2. Fight the Fascists Says:

    liberal dems don’t care what we want. Dems won’t drill for oil because they are being bought off by the Arab/Persians

  3. Becca_USA Says:

    I can’t agree more! There have also been more and more natural gas spots all over the US. It’s time we get our own gas/oil and stop depending on others.

  4. racism is unbecoming Says:

    Have you not read the valid info on drilling? And who would profit from drilling on American land and waters? Not us. It would be the same big US oil companies who have their hands in the Middle East oil business.

    To Fight the Fascists: This Liberal would like nothing more than to be free of the Middle East oil.

  5. Polly Says:

    You make an error here… Demoncrats don’t care what you "think"… Because they know better then anyone else according to them. They think that high fuel prices will drop demand to the point that we are free of the Middle East oil supplies… At the same time, they restrict domestic oil field development thus making the supply problem even worst… They claim it’s in the name of "mother earth". What they don’t give is a realistic solution to replace fossil fuels… They state platitudes about solar power, wind energy and ethanol… But at the same time ignore nuclear power.

    They want the American economy to collapse… And they will do it by starving our economy of energy… And they do it in the name of "Ghia" or "Mother Earth"… Well, they’re idiots. And they think falsely that man alone can have or cause such a dramatic impact on this planet’s environment by themselves. Somehow, they never even consider the sun’s phases to explain their little temporary warming (now cooling) periods…

  6. Mujer Alta Says:

    Small cars are only tiny death traps when drivers don’t know how to drive defensively. Yeah, I agree let’s drill, pump and use up every ounce of petroleum that we can find….and then what? Has it ever occured to you that other humans who might need some oil for something will be alive after you’re dead and buried?

    Also, all the oil drilled from US lands is thrown onto the world market and sold to the highest bidder. Republicans and conservative Dems killed a bill last year that would have reserved American oil for American use. So, it won’t do us much good if the Japanese and Chinese can bid up the price and take possession of our oil. And you’d better believe that the oil companies and OPEC are not going to let supply increase to the point where it harms their whopping profits.

  7. Joseph L Says:

    They know what is best for America.
    While the rest of the world exploits their natural resources, we should walk or ride a bike.
    America is an awful place that has dominated for too long. It is time for more enlightened countries like China, North Korea, and Iran to lead the world while we learn what it is like to live in poverty.

  8. T.J. Says:

    First of all… Political Democrats should never be stated as being able to "think"…

    And I think we can all agree that the goal is notable and worthy but the means in which it is attempting to achieve it is not. You can never shove anything down the consumer’s throat for long. Especially an American consumer who fully understands the idea of a free market and the ability to choose a competition product.

    I personally will never buy a GM vehicle so long as it is built by the government. I do not support the fact we wasted BILLIONS on this company and nothing good will come of it. Ford will be punished for operating financially responsible.

  9. julvrug Says:

    What do you mean $4, it will be that and holding soon enough without the forcing of the micro cars. People actually think that by buying these little cars they will save money, here’s the hitch, they will pay it through taxes on something to make up what is lost per gallon. Look to California for our future once the CAFE takes effect, if they have less MPG to charge taxes against, they will find some other way to gain the revenue. California has some of the cheapest means of providing utilities, but the highest cost, ask yourself why. They want all this money from the people and will develop cheaper means to provide it while driving up the cost for consumers, while also working to drive down wages.