Why do Democrats want to keep Gas Prices high when the "alternative" energy is years from useable?

Ethanol has caused world hunger and is a net .02 loss per gallon. It takes 1 gallon of gasoline to create 1.23 gallons of Ethanol, but Ethanol only get 75% of the same energy. Your car goes 20 mpg with Gas and only 15mpg with Ethanol. So do the math and you get .98 energy per 1 unit of energy. Corn ethanol is a net loss in energy and is causing world hunger as supplies are used in our cars and not in the third world stomachs.

Hydrogen is retrieved from Natural Gas causing a release of Green house gases.

A mass produced viable electric car is not being produced.

All in all it will take decades to transform our economy from oil to alternatives. So we need to drill now, drill here and get the energy our economy and our cars need now. Ethanol from corn and food crops needs to be abandon, only sugar is able to get a 6 gallons per gallon of gas ratio. Guess what senators are against sugar and for corn???
The Democrats in 1981 prohibited offshore drilling in all except western Gulf of Mexico. The Democrats last year add prohibition on drilling "shale oil" on federal lands. This is years of building walls to stop the nations oil exploration and expansion. This didn’t come in the last 7 years.

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  1. porquemoi Says:

    Because they have always wanted gas prices high in America. When I was in school in the 1970s my liberal teachers said gas prices should be higher, and now by crippling America’s oil production they have achieved their dream. The simple conclusion is that liberal Democrats hate America and want us to all suffer equally.

  2. right you are ken Says:

    Why did the republican led congress and white house allow prices to get this high in the first place?

  3. Massive Hussein Mann Says:

    They don’t , my friend. They need oil as much as you do, but the time has long come that we get into the swing of things, you know?
    BTW…Please cite your source or provide a link…your information is flawed

  4. neil s Says:

    High profits *and* leverage to talk the US populous into more drilling. The oil companies are geniuses.

  5. SDD Says:

    They believe that high fuel prices will encourage people to consume fewer resources. That’s not what most of the world wants, but it’s what they want for most of the world.

  6. Michael l Says:

    Wait a min, its the "republicans" fault for letting it going so high.

    I’m all for getting rid of gas and using different things.

  7. AxisOfIntolerance Says:

    hydrogen can be retrieved from water using energy sources such as solar or nuclear reactors resulting in zero greenhouse gas emmisions

  8. tys7344 Says:

    It doesn’t make any sense. They’re realistic enough to know that alternatives aren’t ready yet and that drilling is for oil and natural gas is the only bridge we have until they are ready. I think the democrats want to stick by Obama’s stance against drilling and of course another reason is because of the environmental groups that endorse Democrats. They are a very powerful lobbyist group.

  9. jeff b Says:

    Had we invested in alternative energy throughout the last 30 years since the oil embargo we would already be less dependant on oil
    It is time for us now to man up and accept that we either invest in alternative fuel sources now or keep fighting wars in the middle east.
    The problem with oil prices in not so much with a lack of supply or a greater demand, but an overinflated price of oil due to oil speculators, much like the real estate speculators driving up the prices of homes.
    Doing irreperable damage to the environment now does nothing but leave a bigger mess later

  10. happycamper Says:

    China will be drilling off the coast of Florida, they are already buying the leases. We MUST drill here and Drill now BEFORE we are on alternatives. Meanwhile crooked political favor Democrats keep taking the funds of special interest groups (better known to the FBI as Eco Terrorists) and Democrats continue to present laws written by these wacko groups. Unfortunately the unassuming public is duped all the time. They ant to go green even if it means going on bread lines. They want to print money even if it is worthless on an international level. Their is no accounting for how duped the public can be.

  11. winterrules Says:

    The democrats want the average American to struggle to survive. They want us to become desperate and turn to the government for help. Their goal is for most Americans to depend on the government. When we need the social programs they want to force on us, they will be in total power.

  12. mikea109 Says:

    For the democrats in Washington, it is not politically expediant for oil prices to soften just yet. They believe the voters will blame the Republicans if the prices stay high.

    The truth is, the damned democrats really don’t give a rat’s @ss about the American people. It’s all about winning in November !

  13. g Says:

    wow… you sure have a lot of facts… to be promoting drilling…

    while you’re looking up facts, look at how much experts expect domestic drilling to change gas prices…

    in other words… it’s still going to be a HUGE problem even if we do drill here now… paying 4.05 vs. 4.25 doesn’t solve the problem or even help it that much..

    we clearly need to focus on a big change to alt sources…

    people said going to the moon was impossible too, until we really focused on it as a nation…

  14. joeanimal Says:

    so drill damn it~!!!

    try booking a rig that rents for $500,000.00 a day, and thy are booked up for a couple of years in advance~!!!

    the ones that do the pumping and drilling are gettin the biggest cut of the profits, check out the stocks~!!

    they dont have enough equipment, or are they working on getting much more even if we open up for drilling here~!!!

  15. KH Says:

    Dems don’t want gas prices to be high. Don’t be stupid.

    The cost of oil has been steadily climbing. About $20 of that increase was because of the value of the dollar dropping.

    Even if we opened up ANWAR today, it would take five years to see anything. Estimated amount of what is there would cover what our country uses in two years.

    Right now conservation is the way to go. Decrease demand to increase supply and the cost should go down.

  16. alienofwar Says:

    ‘Drill here, drill now’ is a sham perpetuated by the oil companies in order to take advantage of Americans anxiety over gas prices to grab environmentally sensitive land leases.

    It would be a really great plan if they actually had their reasons backed up with facts but the reality is that this won’t lower gas prices and drilling would still be off by 8-10 years according to the energy administration.

    So cut out the crap already….we need real solutions with technology that already exists.

  17. suigeneris-impetus Says:

    Hydrogen does not have to be retrieved from natural gas, it can be retrieved from wind or solar energy.
    There is one thing I have learned about people…if there is no immediate concern then they don’t act for change. They put it off because it isn’t necessary right now. Change was talked about way back in the 70’s…did we act back then to make the changes that could be working for us now?
    When humans put their minds to work to create solutions they are pretty good at coming up with real good answers…we accomplished the moon in about a decade. Would we have worked that hard to get there if we weren’t pushed by Russia? Humans need the goals in front of them and some kind of important reason to push them to act.
    The oil companies are very afraid they are losing the power they have, which is true. With alternative sources of energy diversely distributed the control will become the consumers…because we can then choose our source of energy. It will be the energy companies having to compete for our interest instead of us competing for theirs.

    ps. Hydrogen is easily obtained from water. Send a bit of electricity through it and the hydrogen splits from the oxygen.

  18. Keith S Says:

    did you not hear obama,he was pissed that prices went up so fast.he prefers a gradual increase so that he can control you.I am so tired of enlightening the masses.here it is -the fkng libs and eco nuts shut down domestic drilling 20 years ago.now is the time to force these pricks to change the law.Pres.Bush did his part,now it is up to the democrats to end the ban on 9/30/08 .call your politicians and stop this sh*i*t ! sign this petition and pass it on ! http://americansolutions.com/drillnow

  19. BrunoGiordano Says:

    Ethanol costs too much because Bush decided to back corn as an subsidy. Ridiculous because corn is about the most expensive way to create ethanol. Using land that is used to produce food to produce ethanol is stupid.

    Sweet grass is five hundred times more productive for ethanol production than corn and can and should be grown on marginal land unused for other purposes. Another indication we have a fool for president.

    Ethanol is only a very small part of the alternative energy production.

    Hydrogen ripped from natural gas and other fossil fuels is just plain silly but it can be ripped from methane which is a good idea because methane is 26% more intense as a warming agent than CO2.

    Electric cars will only be a viable alternative in certain areas. Limited use city only cars right now. But we have to consider the source of the electricity. A coal fired thermal electric plant in Indianna is not useful. They won’t be popular in very hot places such as Pheonix or cold places such as Moscow.

    Drilling won’t bring the costs down on oil. The price of crude has fallen because of reduction of use and increased production world wide has produced a surplus. Probably short lived. One reason for not drilling at home is to keep reserves for strategical purposes.

    The American car companies have been acting foolish for decades. They just weren’t bothered to begin proper research for the inevitable rise in costs of crude oil. Slackers in a capitalist economy lose.

    Getting hydrogen from thermal-nuclear plants is very expensive. America has few uranium sources.

    It might be pertinent to notice that when Pappa Bush invaded Iraq oil prices doubled. When Baby Bush invaded prices doubled and the longer he has stayed the higher the price escalated.

    If we invade Iran the price would likely triple.

    Also, oil companies were complaining about not making profits from refining crude but in the next instant of the news one oil company had increased profits in the last quarter of 77%. Who’s screwing with the truth here?

  20. bill t Says:

    I really don’t care as I pay

    .08 per gallon

    Thats right I said .08 per gallon

    I found the info on YouTube by searching
    "pay 1940 prices for gas impossible"

    I was skeptical too BUT I bought it as it was only $10.00 at that time

    It works

    You should try it — and NOT SAY

    this can’t be on the level

    IT IS