Why do Dems claim Obama has nothing to do with gas prices when…?

•Immediately after taking office in 2009, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, canceled 77 leases for oil and gas drilling in Utah.

•The EPA announced new rules mandating the use of 36 billion gallons worth of renewable fuels (like ethanol) by 2020.

•Last summer President Obama needlessly instituted, not one, but two outright drilling bans in the Gulf of Mexico.

•After rescinding his outright offshore drilling ban, President Obama has refused to issue any new drilling permits in the Gulf, a policy that the Energy Information Administration estimates will cut domestic offshore oil production by 13% this year

•Interior Secretary Salazar announced that the eastern Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic coast, and the Pacific coast will not be developed, effectively banning drilling in those areas for the next seven years;

•The Environmental Protection Agency has announced new global warming regulations for oil refineries;

•Interior Secretary Salazar announced new rules making it more difficult to develop energy resources on federal land.

•The EPA is slowing a pipeline that would expand U.S. access to Canadian oil sands.

Ambush – this is April. Prices were never this high pre-Memorial day under Bush. Not even under Jimmy Carter adjusted for inflation.

8 Responses to “Why do Dems claim Obama has nothing to do with gas prices when…?”

  1. J P Says:

    It’s easy. When a Republican is President, they’re directly responsible for things like gas prices rising, and it’s proof of their corruption and/or incompetence. When it’s a Democrat, it’s much more complicated than that, and the President has little ability to control prices.

  2. Ambush Predator Says:

    So what’s your excuse for gas being even more expensive in the s ummer of 2007, when Bush was president? He certainly didn’t push any of these agenda items.

    EDIT: But they WERE higher than they are now under Bush, and even higher than today’s prices when you adjust for inflation. We aren’t comparing pre-labor day 2007 to pre-labor day 2011. We’re comparing 2007 prices to 2011 prices.

    So why were they so much higher? Could it be everything you listed has nothing to do with the price of gas, or was Bush somehow even worse than Obama when it comes to regulating private business?

  3. Alex Says:

    gas prices are established through speculation… i think you have a gross misunderstanding of what Obama and Salazar have actually done

  4. Goveŗnment Union Worķer Says:

    When Obama tells you he’s not responsible for anything – its because hes a spineless, liar

  5. g Says:

    and how those impact gas prices exactly are? and by how much?

    you have a lot of information, buy not a lot of explanation…

    you seem to want me to just ASSUME that all of this has decreased oil production and raised the price, without evidence of an actual decrease in production…

    the only real legitimate gripe that I know of is the gulf… and I think the LARGEST SPILL IN MODERN AMERICAN HISTORY is a pretty good excuse to ban drilling for a while…

  6. ducky aka Mr Duck Says:

    The TRUTH :

    Domestic crude-oil production actually rose by 150,000 barrels a day in 2010.
    (enabling a small drop in imports even as demand is rising)

    the conservative U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts that domestic production will increase by 500,000 barrels a day over the next decade.

    more bullish industry analysts believe U.S. production could increase by as much as 2 million barrels a day.

    source : U.S. Department of Energy

  7. QuiteNewHere Says:

    Remember its controlled media you are talking about.
    The rules are SIMPLE.

    no negative news because he is gunning for reelection

    ADJUST ALL THE NEWS so he will come out in a positive light.
    If you cannot adjust the news, just dont run it.

  8. Instant Karma Says:

    According to the report, 39 shallow-water permits for new wells have been issued since June 8, 2010, when new rules and information requirements were put into effect. Shallow water drilling operations were not affected by the deepwater drilling moratorium following the gulf oil spill. And there were lots more shallow-water well permits issued by the Obama administration prior to June 8, 2010. Remember, Bachmann’s statement referred to permits issued "under the Obama administration since they came into office."

    In addition, there have been six deepwater well permits issued since Oct. 12, 2010, when the gulf moratorium was lifted. Five of those were for projects that were under way prior to the moratorium. The operators were required to come back and meet the new, modified standards